I'm really puzzled...

  1. Why do some sellers of chanel bags selling their.. not so "old" season bags so cheap on eBay??
    Are the fake/faulty?? Who are these bidders who bid for these products (if they are fake)???
    I can understand if the really "vintage" 1s are going for low price...but this doesn't make sense to sell the newer bags for such a low price...unless it is already pre-owned by 2 persons..some literally going for below $200:sad: ...

    Maybe that's the reason y Chanel is constantly increasing their prices:p
  2. I noticed the majority of Chanel's sold on eBay for a very low price are fake. The rest of the sellers hope the low starting price will draw attention, which I think is risky unless there is a reserve.

  3. I'm surprised ..there are bidders for them...syndicate or some ignorant ppl..thinking they are getting the real deal.:sad:
  4. Well said Michele. These are my exact thoughts.
  5. Anyone but me think Ebay is plagued with shill bidders, especially now that you have no access to bidder's histories? The heart chain bag that just ended --bidder 4 kept driving the price up throughtout the auction, which had no reserve. Who knows for sure, but by day 3 into the auction, that fish smell kept getting stronger and stronger.

  6. Jmen,
    I was bidder 4, I promise you I really did want that bag, it was going to be a present to myself after I finish serving my country in the Middle East.

  7. Wow. Are you serious. LOL. That's funny. Small world i guess. :p
  8. LOL!so did u get get it chanelbaby?:smile:
  9. Iluvbags, r u serving as well? If so, please take care and godspeed home. I know when I leave I will always think about those I left behind.
  10. No, I'm afraid not, but I hope a sister pfer did :yes:

    You know what they say, "what is for you will not go by you", I'm sure I get will another chance one day :wlae:
  11. I didn't watch the auction for the heart-chain flap but I know someone who contacted the seller and were told that they wanted $2,800 to end the auction early.:wtf: What did it finally sell for?
  12. 2551.01 USD! Amazing!
  13. I sell quite a bit on ebay and I have never had any funny business go on. I have been contacted by many members and found them to be quite nice and honest (my feedback is around 400 by now). The trouble with selling on ebay is that you have to set your price low enough to generate interest and hope that it gets bid up. i can think of several times i have been watching a chanel or prada or even bottega veneta bag that seems to check out but is listed low (under $300 or $400 for a relatively recent bag) to start. then bidding will take off and the bag will sell for almost full value. i think that the price has to be low for people to get hooked and think taht they can easily afford it but when it starts going up they are so caught up by that point then they will pay more than they had initially though to spend. i can also think of many times i have had to reduce my starting price to get bids and the items still sold for the final value i was hoping for. I wouldn't make any blanket assumptions here although yes, there are many fakes on ebay.
  14. I think people who are selling REAL and truly hard to find items low will liely end their auctions before it closes and they're stuck selling it cheap.
  15. Thank you chanelbaby for all that you and your brothers and sisters do for us and for our country. God bless and keep you safe. All my best to you :heart: