I'm really PO'ed with my local LV...

  1. Please let me know if I am being unreasonable... two times in the last two months, I have gone in to my local LV store, and each time did a charge-send. The first time, it was for a drawstring for my large Noe, and the second time, for a mono canvas Griet. Well, both times, the order has been "misplaced," and nothing has happened with my orders!! I am really irritated - once I can understand perhaps, but twice in a row? When I had not received the drawstring from the in-state store they were ordering it from three weeks after placing the order (filling out the form in my store), I went in to the store and they couldn't find any record of it. Luckily, they had since gotten in a shipment, and had a drawstring in the store that I purchased at that time, but never did place the original order three weeks earlier. It has been a week now since I went to the store specifically to order (charge-send) the Griet. The SA told me then that it should arrive in this store for me to pickup within a week. Well, it's been a week, I haven't received a phone call, and my card has not been charged. Am I overreacting? Losing two of my orders in a row, within two months time, that's really poor! I'm sorry to vent, it just really upsets me, especially since I was so excited to get the Griet! Thanks so very much for listening to me vent!! You all are the best!
  2. I would be upset too, whoever is suppose to follow thru with the orders is just dropping the ball. I would speak to the store manager and tell him how upset you are and need these things followed to their conclusion.
    Good luck in future
  3. This is not right at all!!! The SA'sshould be the one following up on your orders and keeping you posted. Can you talk to the manager about this horrible customer service?
  4. u should notify the manager...

    either the SA is new...or he/she simply cannot be bothered with u ...

    i ever emailed the manager about LV not heatstamping my luggage tag although i need to wait 1 wk...n i came on the stated collection date...but its not ready..thus...i told the mgr abt it n she apologised
  5. That's so disappointing, more so when you get all excited about something and nothing happens. Definitely poor customer service. I've had charge sends take a while from my local store, but have had much better luck through 866. But you should definetly follow up with the store manager whenever you're unhappy with the service in ANY store. Otherwise things will never change.
  6. That is terrible, you're not overreacting at all!
  7. no, you're not being unreasonable. It's very irresponsible for LV to do this and they should know better. Time is one of the most important things in life imo and you've already wasted a lot of time travelling back and forth. Definitely talk to the manager, but if the manager's like their other staff members too, then... I guess maybe you can try another boutique if you have one around?