i'm really lusting over the envelope flap! anyone spotted one??!!

  1. hi girls!,
    i'm really lusting over the envelope flap after seeing this one girl carrying one in real life! it is a trueee beauty!! unfortunately they haven't arrived yet in Canada(??). but i NEED one now!! how many colors does it come in?? i actually want the grey one soo bad! if anyone spotted one in grey please let me know i will grab one RIGHT NOW! hehe and ohh also how much is a retail on it?
    thank you in advance !! =) :heat::heat::heart:

    p/s i think i got a chanel bug bite BIG TIME!!
  2. I have seen a few black and white ones at the Chanel boutique and Bloomies/ Costa Mesa, CA., I have not yet seen the grey one. Good luck is a pretty bag:tup:
  3. Also saw black and white ones at NM Newport Beach. Really cool looking. Remind of me Balenciagas with a Chanel twist. It holds a lot.
  4. no grey ones yet? awww =(
    what kind of white was the white one? dark white or more of a greying white? i might consider a white one because i realllly wanttt one sooo bad!!!
    hehe thank you OCgirl and thegraceful1
  5. have you seen my grey envelope flap thread?

    :smile: i think you should check it out! xo
  6. You are welcome:smile:, it's a dark white.
  7. I saw grey at Saks beverly hills, but it was about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully, they still have it!
  8. i got mine from HK 3 weeks ago. you can check my thread out.
    i went to chanel boutique (Singapore) to buy my necklace yesterday and i saw the envelope flaps on the shelf. all black are sold out, only left 2 grey jumbo flaps and 2 white! hope that helps!
  9. ladydeluxe oh my i love your flap!!! it is gorgeous! makes me want it even more! your one lucky lady! hehe
    KDB unfortunately i called but they only had one small in white and one large in black =( but the SA said she would locate one for me so i'm excited now!! wish me luck! and oh by the way the price is $2250 for the large one =)
  10. yay! all the best! i hope you get it, otherwise you could always call the singapore boutique, they still have 2. we'll be sisters if you get yours! i love the large aka jumbo flap! it's so roomy and i love the interior satin lining! so fab! oh yea, silly me, i forgot to take the interior pics :-/ LOL.
  11. Ladydeluxe...I so...love your bag...However, my local Chanel boutique won't stock them until November...and I can't wait..so I have my SA looking for one....Enjoy your fabulous bag...
  12. ladydeluxe i love your photos!!
    KDB thank you so much! a sweet/awesome SA from Saks finally located one for me and it is on its way =) i am in love and CANNOT WAITT!!!! yipppeee :heart: :heart: i love the purse forummm!!
  13. NM SHort hills had a black one.
  14. That is a gorgeous bag!!! I havent seen ii in person only pics of deluxes, but I LOVE IT!! GET IT, GET IT, GET IT!!!
  15. this is really a beautiful bag! another one for the wishlist. can you carry this like a clutch? :love: