i'm really feeling the medallion tote, however...

  1. wish it comes w/ a chain or chain/metal handle/strap as supposed to the rolled leather...should i buy it becuae i like it best out of all the classic totes available now, or should i wait hoping that they will come out with other styles of classic totes but risk it going through another price increase.
  2. I went back and forth on the medallion and decided against it. Though I ususally don't carry shoulder bags, the medallion was NOT easy to get in and out of. I stood at the showcase and put my things in it and then tried to get my cell phone out, wallet, even just a pack of tissues. Too difficult.

    I've seen and know quite a few who have purchased off of eBay and got the real deal at a fair price. For me, the purse has to WORK for me and be easy to use, otherwise I'll be ticked I spent so much on something that is cumbersome. HTH.
  3. I had a shoulder bag with the rolled handle (not Chanel but Vuitton) and it really hurt to wear it on my shoulder. I totally regretted that purchase because of the pain and also I wasn't all that crazy about the bag...maybe if I had loved it I wouldn't have minded the pain?:shrugs: