I'm really doing it this time!

  1. For almost two weeks I have been eating better (still need to introduce fruits and veggies into this) and exercising. I found a new love, SPINNING! It's exhilarating I enjoy every minute of it. I think this time its going to stick! thanks everyone for your support! Let's hope I can keep on going!
  2. Congrats!!! 2 weeks is a great start!
  3. Spinning ROCKS...I love it, nothing makes me sweat like spinning. My legs get the best workout AND you can make it as hard as you want. Its AWESOME!!! Have a blast!
  4. Spinning is so addictive and fun. Keep up the good work and make it last.
  5. So glad you ladies are enjoying spinning! I am a spinning/RPM instructor and LOVE to hear people having a great time while working out. I love biking, but unfortunately it is not safe to ride on the road with an Ipod, so spinning rocks for me!!!