I'm really beginning to love the Picotin

  1. Do people usually love the Picotin at first sight, or is it a "grows on you" kind of bag? When I first saw a photo I wasn't crazy about it, but after seeing one in person and the dozens of PF pics, I'm really beginning to love this bag! I'm even thinking about switching my planned Bolide purchase to a PM BJ togo Piotin...(I'm sure I'll still want a Bolide, maybe in a different color).

    This H bug is getting to me! I only wish I had started a collection sooner...I would be a very happy girl by now:heart:

    Are there any Picotin lovers out there? What is your feedback on the casual practicality of the bag? I am thinking a PM since I'm only 5'3 and don't carry a lot of stuff.
  2. I didn´t like the Picotin first, now I do even though I don´t have one yet! The pm (and mm too?) sizes are handheld and I´ve seen some ladies wear the gm on the shoulder, looks fab. There are loads of Picotin lovers here and there is a great thread, I´ll search it for you.
  3. Yep, love mine, especially in the summer with my sundresses. It's great when my Kellys are just too dressy to go with a casual dress.
  4. I love it, but haven't got one yet. The PM is on my wishlist.

    I think it's a really fun bag for casual evening, the kind where you're wearing skinny jeans and a tiny Pucci top, out for a bite at your favourite local.
  5. The Picotin was my first H love (and my first H bag purchase). I absolutely love my Picotin and wore my chartreuse clemence PM yesterday. They are such handy, adorable bags. I highly recommend the Picotin!
  6. I have a BJ picotin PM clemence that I love. It kind of snuck up on me. I was in the store, trying on scarves when the SA suggested a picotin as a cute "grag-n-go" bag. I was hooked after that. Now I want one in Rouge G MM for the fall.

    I think the MM can be shoulder carried (I may be totally wrong about this). AuthenticLux did a modeling thread on picotins and I thought she did both hand carry and shoulder carry for the picotin.

    I'm 5'4" and don't carry a lot of things. The picotin works great for me.
  7. The Picotin threads are awesome! I can't get over how cute this bag is with a twilly or a scarf. I see a visit to my nearest H store in the near future!
  8. Egad...I just updated my signature and was taken aback at how long my wish list is getting!
  9. Here is a pic of me carrying the chartreuse clemence Picotin PM:

    Interestingly, this bag is much bigger than my orange togo Picotin PM (I bought the orange one about four years ago and the chartreuse one is new). The new PM size is very ample. Rollinsband, I think the Picotin would be perfect for you!
  10. Very cute!
  11. i am, um, ... obsessed with my picotin. :smile:
    mrssparkles posted a pic in the asian women thread, it's a page from a magazine and there is a tiny tiny pic in the bottom of a woman carrying a picotin. this pic really defines my lust for my own bag, lol. (i have it enlarged on my computer but it seems to be saved under a different file type that can't upload here.:sad:). it is interesting to me how we can all see a bag very differently (that goes for all bags, not just picotins and not just H bags), but to me, this is a chic bag (casual luxe, perhaps, but not casual).
  12. hang on, i'm going to try again...

    okay, here's the pic that makes me :love::love::love:
  13. I'm so excited!!! Going to Hermes Saturday..... I spoke to a SA earlier this week, and she was very good about giving me the information that I needed to make that move....:happydance:
    I'm thinking about the BJ Picotin because I wear a lot of denim. But a part of me wants a neutral color so it can compliment most of my wardrobe.:confused1:
  14. I *adore* the Picotin!!! Such a wonderfully understated piece that goes with ANYTHING! Mix it up and play with sizes, colors, and leathers. Each has its own unique look and can really help put a beautiful finale on an outfit!