Im ready to take the plunge ~ Which blue? Please help!

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Which blue?

  1. Cornflower

  2. Blue 2003

  3. Teal 2005

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok i am ready to take the plunge for my fist ever Bbag, i have butterflies in my stomach at the moment! Just finished my horrible Dentistry exams and I think i need to reward myself!!!

    So its between: And they are all citys xx

    Cornflower blue
    Blue 2003
    Teal 2005

    Please help! Pics of them would be great, please!
    Thanks everyone, and would you please give me a reason to why you have chosen the certain blue xx:tup:

    And also, how much do you think is a fair price for cornflower?
  2. I voted for Teal 05. It has fabulous leather and the color is very versatile. It can be bright in sunlight and then indoors it is more of a cornflowerish blue. It surprisingly goes with a lot and is a neutral blue. Did I mention the leather is AMAZING!
  3. I would say Teal '05 blue because it's the closest color to my Aqua '07. :graucho: However, my second choice would be Cornflower. That color is so soft!
  4. blue 2003-the leather is thick yet soft, like no other, and the color is more of a denim blue. i have it in a weekender-please see attached thread:

    also here's kate moss with the same bag:

    Attached Files:

  5. Teal seems to be really popular! The colour is just amazing! Im suprised no one would prefer the 03, because its older etc. Im like going towards it because its older, and it has silver hw!
  6. First of all, a BIG congrats on your denistry exams...that is awesome! You definitely deserve a reward! You can't go wrong with any of the Bal blues...they're all gorgeous, but I have to vote for 05 Teal. IMO one of the softer, more muted Bal blues, with just enough pop of color. And the leather is divine!! :love:
  7. ^ ahh its much darker! Its tdf aswell! And your son! How are you finding it? I love the way it looks so light in the day! x
  8. Luva.....get back in LV LOL j/k I love's a gorgeous blue!!
  9. Luva Pug, let's just say it's one of the bags i reach for and use most :tup: yes, the silver hardware makes a definite statement too with the beautiful color ;)
    i have a 2005 teal bag as well which i still love, but there's nothing like a 2003 Balenciaga bag :graucho:
    good luck and please let us know what you decide:smile:
  10. I love the 05 teal, second the BI wich is close to teal and the aqua, cornflower is nice but i think the leather is a bit veiny, but this is a question of preference. the balenciaga blues are my favorites!!!!!!!
  11. I think you really need to treat yourself after those exams!!!!:sweatdrop: I voted for the '03 Blue mostly because it comes with pewter hardware ut my next pick would be Teal. You can't go wrong with those!
  12. thanks girlies, keep your opinions coming! Im off shopping now! Haha my banks going to be looking sad after these exams!! xx
  13. I am loving the bright color on teal 05
  14. The 03 blue is TDF and a very versatile shade. And the pewter hardware looks amazing against it. Second choice is 05 teal. Note that I own both 03 blue and 05 teal.

    I could never get around 06 cornflower somehow. I actually prefer the 07 bleu glacier / periwinkle to 06 cornflower.
  15. I've heard that the cornflowers gets dirty on the handles very easily - so i'll say french blue!