im ready to explode...

  1. thesis writing..8 more days before it's due..
    thesis defense...omg...:wtf:
    moving to a new apartment...the day after i graduate..
    starting a new job..2 days after i graduate...

    will i survive..? :crybaby:
  2. lol, hmmm...aren't you supposed to be working on your thesis now (see above thread) :smile:

    You're stressed out, and i can totally feel you! when i stress out i tend to procrastinate MORE! so here's what you gotta do, you need to make lists, schedules, and stick to them if you know you'll be going through alot these next few weeks.

    Best of luck...and get back to work!!
  3. woops! we have lots of Phd students here! there was another member whose post i read before you...and she was freaking out about the thesis submission too... nonetheless... just plan for the next couple weeks and soon it'll be over!!
  4. ^^Good luck with the defense. Think of it this way: after you've finished doing your research and writing up your thesis, the only person who knows all about what you did is - you! You'll find that all the people on your defense will know something, but not everything and ask questions from you the way the subject relates to them and how THEY know it.

    So remember, you're the one who knows the most.

    Good luck.
  5. ^^^ thanks...after working from 9.30am to 4am this morning brain's a lil bit fried now!!!
  6. aww, you will be fine, just work as hard as you can to be ahead in some things if possible..

    and just remember, one day at a time.. dont let everything overwhelm you
  7. Good luck! Make sure you celebrate when all the craziness is over... you deserve it!
  8. I remember when my son was doing this. Working full time while writing his thesis. With everything else going on, you must be off the stress chart. Best wishes for everything to go smoothly.
  9. If your committee was helpful and effective you will pass your defense, they should have given you enough direction to guide you to passing this right of passage. When I did my dissertation defense it was so cool cause when I was done my committee asked me to leave the room, then when they called me back in my chair said "Dr, would you please come in"? Traditionally, it is at this moment when you can be addressed as Dr. for the first time. Cool.
    Good luck!
  10. Great story!
  11. hang in there rensky! soon all this hard work will be behind you and you'll be at your new job and lviing in your new apt! how exciting!
    and, something worthwhile rarely ever comes without some blood sweat and tears...
  12. i'm already stressed out...i've burnt out!
    my mind's blogged...sigh.

    im sure i'll pass the defense...just that i dunt wanna look like an idiot when the questions are fired at me..
  13. ^^I think my Master's defense was the awfullest there ever was. I was told that I could do a 1/2 hour presentation on my research topic, and after I was done I would be asked questions on my presentation.

    I picked my committee. My advisor, another professor who was in the same field (a theoretical physicist) and an experimental physicist whom I didn't know much about, but was a person who didn't talk much. I thought I had it covered. Two others come from outside the subject area and ask general questions, so weren't really of any concern.

    So I started my presentation. I put on slide one. The professor I picked because he didn't talk much pointed to a graph and said "please explain that". So I gave a short explanation, and told him I would explain it in more detail in slide 3. I get really nervous, fumble through slide 2 and go on to my explanation of slide three. At the end of my explanation on slide three the professor says "that's not a good enough explanation. go back to slide 1 and explain more clearly why x bla bla bla".... and that set the tone for the whole defense. The presentation that was supposed to take 30 minutes took me an hour and fifteen minutes.

    At the end of that experience I came out of the room realising why the people on the other side of the table from me had Ph.Ds in physics and I didn't....