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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am turning 40 in 2010, so I feel its time for my first Hermes purse purchase (gotta start saving now!!). I have a nice bag collection including Jimmy Choo (silver ricki), Prada (black crispy nylon) and Chanel (black lambskin quilted classic). I am rather overwhelmed at the Hermes variety and I am drawn to the Birkin HAC maybe 30-35cm (I also like Constance and Kelly). I don't know what type of leather to get but it needs to hold up as I have an active lifestyle with 3 young kids.

    I may go to Paris to get one..........

    So do your best Clinton and Stacey and give me your suggestions...
    I am 5' 8" with fair/blonde hair, I am open to gold or palladium hardware (how does the gold hold up long term)? I am thinking maybe Caramel color or something else that is timeless. Is there a color that you consistently return to?

    I would love all your expert opinions and guidance. :yes:

  2. I say gold, etoupe or black with gold hardware, Classic for a blonde I think. 35cm in togo or clemance even epson TDF!! Blonde can look really rich with birkins. seen plenty of them in Barney's NY.
  3. I think a rouge H, Gold or Black would be perfect for you! Clemence if you like floopy or togo for a slightly stiffer feel would be lovely. If you look at the sub forums, there is plenty of colour choices , take your time, ask questions, read tons and welcome to H!
  4. Thanks so much! I need to go to the Chicago store to see them irl....I really appreciate the input Pocketyee and Sammyjoe!
  5. I am sure you will get more ideas from the ladies and gents here!Have fun!
  6. For an active lifestyle with 3 small children I would suggest looking at the colours with the white contrast stitching, this gives bags a more casual, sporty feel IMO.

    For a "caramel" colour try Gold if you like warm tones or if you're a cool blonde have a look at Etoupe.

    As for size - depends on what you need to carry and how you like your bags to look (see a recent 30 vs 35 thread by Rockerchic). 30 tends to look more like a handbag 35 like a tote.

    You mention Kellys and a 32cm retourne Kelly in clemence or swift would also be a good choice; these come with a shoulder strap to leave you hands-free with the kids.

    Hardware - again your wardrobe and jewellery may influence you here. For gold leather either hardware for Etoupe only PH.

    So many permutations.... spend some time looking through the reference library you'll start to distill your own ideas of what you want. Take your time and enjoy the process. It's fun!! :smile:
  7. I love my Indigo with Palladium Hardware. I recently saw a blonde carrying this bag as well. She was wearing dark jeans and a gorgeous shearling jacket. She looked stunning and classy. If you like the caramel colours then Gold with Gold hardware is a good choice too although my second choice after Indigo would be Etoupe. Definately go for a 35cm, given your height. Have fun choosing!
  8. You guys are awesome.......I did read Rockerchic's thread and that's when I knew I was in over my head lol!
  9. craig at the CHicago store is very nice. I think it is a more fun shopping experience than Mad ave. They had a beautiful raisin retourne kelly in the window when I was there in October. . . I think raisin would be a nice option to you, but I am biased against gold colored leather. Also, there are some fabulous sellers of vintage which would allow you to get more stuff; sam at Haute Gallery had some Barenia; as did Kaledioplace (sp?); notadquinji (sp?) ; akiko1120; ysaito54; ghost55; . Love vintage sellier 28's with contrasting color evelyne straps. (as far as I know all the resellers I named sell authentic and are on the recommended reseller list) And, I am not affiliated with any of them. Good luck!
  10. I'm picturing Kelly Rutherford(blond) with her gold Birkin in a 35cm(you'll need it with 3 kids).Although when out with my kids theres nothing like my gold Evelyne pm2 in clemence.Its hands free & very handy.I'm not blonde but works for me as well.
  11. i think gold would be the perfect color for you- birkin vs. kelly is preference. try both and see how you feel. a 35 birkin or 32, 35 kelly is about the right size. look at the reference photos and get a feel for colors, sizes. that will certainly help. good luck, and happy 40's! they can be fabulous!
  12. I agree, I think gold would be a great color for you. Or you can't go wrong with black or ebene (dark brown). An Evelyne would be a great hands-free option. Or a Kelly because it could be hand held or you could use the shoulder strap. But the Birkin would be a great tote. :sweatdrop: it's so hard to decide but when you see them you'll be able to see which one you fall for. :heart:
  13. I will be turning 40 in 2010 as well. What a nice BDay present to self. I like the shape and proportions of the HAC. However, sometimes depending on what you are wearing (a thick coat), it might be difficult to hold it on yyour arms.

    I think for a blonde, Gold Togo is so classic. As I age, I seem to like gold hardware more and more. Gold is beautiful with gold hardware. Etoupe is another excellent choice with PH. Both Etoupe and Gold are all seasons.
  14. Gold Togo 35cm Birkin and I think you'd be over the moon!!!!!