I'm ready for fall, my set is now complete!

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  1. Thought i'd share w/you girls my last addition to my PCE purchases..

    I was waiting for my crimson large patent wristlet...

    Now that I got it, I just wanted to share w/you gals my complete set... and now I'm ready for fall! :biggrin:

    I drool everytime I look at this bag... its love :cloud9::love:
  2. Beautiful! Going to share pics? :smile:
  3. :drool: Dang - now I gotta clean up my keyboard, LOL!

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous!
  4. You can't see the pics?
  5. Wow! Stunning set. Congrats...and definitely drool-worthy! Love the crimson patent!!
  6. LMAO... I have to clean up my drool everytime I stare at my bag too, LOL
  7. Thanks girl!! ;)
  8. Very eye catching. Beautiful.
  9. GORGEOUS set!! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. your set is truly TDF! great now i'm drooling too!
  11. I love it. I am deciding between this and Crimson Sophia.
  12. Thank you!

    Thank you!!

    Thanks! I know the drooling never ends for me either... LOL

    You truly can't go wrong w/either bag... the color is TDF no matter which size :biggrin:
  13. So beautiful! :heart::heart::heart:
  14. Goooorgeous !!! :love:
    Thanks for sharing such awesome set of lovelies!!!;)
  15. That is a georgeos color S! Love your set