I'm quoted today in the San Francisco Chronicle!

  1. Cool! I read the Chron every day!
  2. very cool, congrats
  3. wow, congrats....
  4. that is fabby.

    well done you :smile:
  5. Awesome :smile:
  6. Oooh - very cool!
  7. Yay!! Go you! :yahoo: You sound very intellegent and knowledgable about the topic. You give good advice, too. I never knew they "airbrushed" photos of homes and such for sale....wow.

    Great job!;)
  8. Yay, Lori! Interesting article--what you said about the photoshopped pics was something I never imagined! I try to skim sfgate.com daily, but confess I haven't read RE articles.

    Thanks for letting us know about your moments of fame and wise words.
  9. Go Lori! Enjoy your fame, I am going to start reading that blog since we are in market now.
  10. Lori, congrats!!!! SOOOOO COOL!!! Yeah I had no idea about photoshopping real estate pics, yikes!
  11. very cool Lori!!

  12. that's so neat, lori! :smile:
  13. Congrats Lori!
  14. Very cool...congrats! :tup: