I'm purchasing another Baby Aidan bag....what do you think of the nice tan color?

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  1. I saw this bag today at Nordies and this color caught my eye. By the way I love this bag. I already have it in black. My sister borrows it so I don't see it often. I wanted to ask you for your opnion about this new color. I don't have this color yet. What do you think??? YAY or NAY????? Please help. ;)

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  2. Nice Tan is a pretty, classic color. I think it suits the style well. Good luck!
  3. Love the color
  4. ehc2010/momofgirls Thanks!...The color looks better in person. I should've taken a picture of it. It's on hold til Sunday.
  5. i like it. it's a nice, rich color and very versatile.
  6. It's a great color, go for it.
  7. lovely neutral. great choice!
  8. Nice neutral color.
  9. i think it's a great neutral! :yes:
  10. Did you end up getting it? It's super cute. As of late I am all about brown bags, maybe because of all the fab neutral colored clothes that are out for spring!
  11. Yes I got it today!! I'll post pics soon. When I was at Nordies I noticed the Aidan Turnlock in Oak Brown. Hmmmmmm....should I exchange it now??? What to do, what to do????:confused1:
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