I'm proud to show you Amy...my new cat.

  1. Hello everyone,
    After losing my dear sweet 15 yr. old KeeKee a month ago to renal failure I am happy to announce Amy...who was adopted from the Humane Society. She is one year old, a tiny girl weighing just 7 1/2 lbs, is very vocal and affectionate. Also, very busy and fun. I brought her home on Friday 1/12 and she was just spayed on Monday so she has slowed down alittle. After spending about 10 hrs. holding cats and reading their history during a 3 day search...I knew within a few minutes that she would be the one...to be loved and have a forever home. Here she is...darling little Amy.
  2. She's very pretty! Congrats on your new baby!
  3. I'm happy with you to have a new cat... It's always so sadly to loose a pet... I lost my 15 year old labrador "Felix" in December. But we have still 2 dogs so we won't look for a new one... I wish you and your cat a wonderful time together...!
  4. All the best to you Ciata and Amy!!!!!

    She's a beauty! I am so glad you adopted her from the Humane Society. You did a good thing! And to have her spayed right away...well, that's a very responsible and caring thing you did. My license tag actually says "Spay and Neuter" on it. Here in Maryland we can special order them from the Humane Society of Baltimore.

    Wishing you two all the happiness in the world!
  5. I'm so glad to meet your new baby, ciatta! I knew you lost your previous cat and that's always so hard. Amy is such a lucky girl--she hit the jackpot to become part of your life. Best wishes to both of you. She has a beautifully expressive face!
  6. Good for you! You gave her a new life~ congrats!
  7. Amy is adorable! congrats!
  8. Amy is so cute and lucky to have such a wonerful meowmie like you!

    My senior kitty who I've had since childhood (18 yrs) passed away two weeks ago and so did her best friend six months ago. Now, I'm catless :sad:

    I'm about to start my search for two new ones this weekend. I feel so sad though, I'm looking at all the websites (this time I'm goign to try to get all rescue cats and no more purebreeds from catteries), and I feel bad because I want htem all.
  9. She is absolutely beautiful!!:love:

    God bless you for giving her a loving home.
  10. How gorgeous! Congrats on finding a pretty lady for your house, love her eye color!
  11. Your new baby is absolutely beautiful! Welcome, Amy!


    Amy is one very lucky cat--she will be loved and cared for by a wonderful Mom!
  12. Amy is a cutie! Congrats!!! What gorgeous green eyes!
  13. "Amy" is sure a cute kitty! I know, it is always so hard to lose our cats... I lost mine to kidney failure, and I have another cat (Venus) who is going through kidney failure. We all hope we give the best lives that they could ever have...
  14. That is brilliant you got Amy from a shelter so she can now have a loving home.

    Most beautiful eyes
  15. I love it when their ears look too big for their heads :smile:
    She's very pretty, and well done for choosing a rescue cat :heart: