I'm proud of my brother...and want to shout it out!!

  1. Although my brother always drove me crazy when we were younger...with all of his strange friends and loud music (I was to busy being a cheerleader to think he was cool)...I am really proud of him...because first he is an amazing person....and secondly...he is unbelievably talented! He is a successful musician (I don't know if any of my fellow PFers are into indie music)...and to add to his list of accomplishments...he is always messing around with Math...and somehow...although I don't understand it, he invented a new way of using prime numbers with music...and was invited to speak at the national smart math people's convention this weekend!! (link below!)

    I always tell my Mom that I somehow got the short end of the stick...but regardless..I wanted to take a minute to brag about my bro...
    If any of you are interested...his band is the Apples in Stereo...and can be listened to on YouTube. He is also in Wikipedia (which I think is neat in itself!!)
  2. Wow! I would be proud too! Congrats to him!! :tup:
  3. that's so wonderful!
    i'm into indie music so i'll have to check them out when i get off work:smile:
  4. Definitely take a look...they tour all over the place, and the music is really happy!
  5. That's awesome! You should be so proud I know I would be :yes:
  6. Wow! That's awesome!
  7. I think it is very nice of you to give a shout out to your brother! I will have to check out his link.
  8. That's awesome! YAY for your brother!
  9. How cool!Congrats to your bro!
  10. He's got some great accomplishments! I think it's so cool that he has his own wikipedia lol! :tup:
  11. That's so cool Anne! I am ALWAYS impressed by people who are able to use their brains for math & music! Those are two areas that I definitely lack!

    How cool & nice of you to post!
  12. Wow, thats awesome!!!
  13. Super Cool!
  14. that's awesome! Of course you have to be proud!
  15. That's so cool! And I like Apples in Stereo! They sang a Powerpuff Girls song a while ago, and I like their sound! So awesome.