I'm probably just paranoid...

  1. ...so, I called MJ today to ask if they recommend anything to protect any of their bags. The rep told me that they don't recommend anything since it's vegetable dyed leather.

    Should I listen, or am I being paranoid (or both)? I've been thinking about Apple Garding my camel-colored Stam, but after reading about a PFer's experience on her gray-toned Edith, I'm scared. It seems like her Edith changed colors. I would feel less hesistant if it was a black Stam, but it's not. I also live in DC where it gets humid and swampy, so I'm not sure what to do. The Stam is the most I've ever spent on a bag, and I just want to protect it, but not do anything to ruin it. I guess in writing this post, I've kind of answered my own question...to leave the bag alone and be extra careful when using it. I'm totally being crazy, right?
  2. I'd leave it alone. My silver and black MJ bags both held up beautifully despite being my "everyday" bags and I didn't do a thing to them. I probably wouldn't use Stam in the rain, but after owning several MJs I feel like the leather is extremely durable without any special care.

    Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  3. I don't think you need to do much to protect MJ leather. I guess the most I would do is spray some water repellant. That's it. When in doubt always ask someone @ your nearest shoe repair place
  4. I sprayed my peppermint Stella w/ some leather protector/repellant, and didn't think about it again. I didn't use any particularly special leather treatment (ie. AppleGarde, Shining Monkey). The color didn't change. I think it's more practical to take a few precautionary steps!
  5. I don't spray any of my bags and they've all held up just fine.
  6. I've never treated any of my other bags before either - whether Marc Jacobs or not. I'm just particularly worried (and worried that I look like a crazy person to someone else) because it's such a light color. I've never owned a bag that is likely to get dirty. I guess I should stop being such a worrywart.
  7. Many members mentioned that MJ SAs recommend leaving the leather alone. =)