I'm pretty sure I'm going to return my Epi Brazza...

  1. I loved it in the boutique but when I got it home & put in my stuff (not all that much, either), it felt very heavy. I also don't like the way the zipper makes a bulge.

    I'll probably get the Damier French purse...or should I look at another wallet? How does the Damier wear?

    ISO input/advice. Thanks...
  2. I say return it especially if you tried all the things you usually carry and your not happy with it I know I am really picky on how things are. I can't help you on how the Damier wears because I don't have any Damier pieces, but I do have the mono french purse and love it:tender:
  3. Oh, I was considering the Brazza wallet too! Might reconsider.
  4. Update: I exchanged the Epi Brazza for a Brazza in Damier and I'm so happy I did! The Epi was heavy & stiff, it was hard to get bills & ccs in and out...the Damier is much lighter & more flexible, a lot easier to use. Made all the difference for me. And, of course, the Damier goes well with with my black Epi Speedy so all's well that ends well!