I'm pretty sure I will DIE if I don't get a Marais and a NeoSpeedy!!

  1. One question - can you clip a cowhide strap on the hardware of the Neo speedy to make an easy-carry shoulder bag? (Diagonally across the zipper...) I know it doesn't come with the extra loop like the Alma, but is there room on the regular loop?

    The only thing that bothers me about handle bags is that you aren't hands-free for shopping,

    I love my speedy, but I noticed that I have to put it down quite often to do basic tasks.

    But yeah, I will DIE if I don't get these two bags. Sad, but true. :P
  2. I am pretty sure there is enough room to attach the strap to Neo Speedy, but if you are thinking of doing this, why not consider Baggy PM (same size and shape, only a shoulder bag instead of hand held!!!:idea:). I was on my way to get one on Friday but got stuck in traffic and never got to the store on time. I want to get rid of my Neo Speedy and replace it with Baggy PM because I LOVE the strap and I am really getting into shoulder bags now.
  3. I want the Marais too! :yes:

    I'm not a big fan of attaching shoulder straps to Speedys - I think they detract from the elegance of the bag...
  4. Oh you'd like the baggy pm, will you get blue ?
    I have been using mine since i got it and love it.

    Sorry so back to the question> I'd side with irene on getting the baggy. Its also cheaper then the noe speedy. I guess going with the extra strap gives you handheld /shoulder option. Having both right now i'm loving my baggy pm. I too have thought about selling my speedy and puchasing a pink baggy pm.

  5. Yes, I would go with the blue. I saw it in the catalog (the same pic as your avatar) and fell in love with it.
  6. Its a great bag, holds a ton( just as much as the speedy) but nice to have the option of carrying it on the shoulder.
    Even my b/f like the baggy for me more then the speedy.