I'm pregnant!

  1. I just bought a Carryall last week and now I found out that I'm pregnant.

    So I'm thinking of returning my Carryall for a more mumsy bag to fill up with baby stuff in future. What would you recommend I should get? I prefer Damier over Mono.

    And oh, I had my identity tag heat stamped so I'm wondering whether the shop will take it back. Anyone knows?
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: Maybe if you have only tag heat stamped they can let you buy new one and then raturn bag. Try bastille or new reporters in damier canvas. Thay can be right size (sorry fro my poor english)
  3. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: is this your first baby?:nuts: well, i only like the belem mm in the damier line. i'm a mother of two and i was carrying a shoulder bag similar to belem size but it was a burberry and it fits well. hope it helps!;)
  4. Hopefully twins!

    What do you think of Saleya MM. I tired the GM but it has a huge base that I don't know where to put my hand....

  5. Belem sounds good... I'll check it out. I'm so excited!
  6. i have 3 cell phones they all have a mini key board and i still got a new agenda anyway!
    just go to the store and go with you'r heart and if you don't like it you can always exchange it!
  7. ^^^ooops i typed the previous post in the wrong thread sorry!!!:whistle:
  8. :yahoo: Congrats for your pregnancy:yahoo:
    Personally, I love Saleya and MM is perfect size :yes:
  9. :yahoo: :wlae: YAY CONGRATULATIONS:party:
    I agree, the Saleya would be a good bag for you.
  10. Congratulations edz...thats wonderful news :wlae:

    I think they will probably just make you buy a separate luggage tag if you return the keepall. My suggestion for a new damier would be the chelsea...it is really large zip-top shoulder bag that would hold lots of baby stuff! They are also coming out with gorgeous glitter diaper bags in baby blue and baby pink!!!
  11. THAT'S WONDERFUL!!! I'm 5 months along myself and will find out the sex of the baby this Tuesday.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about an LV bag for baby needs. In my experience with my 2-year-old son, those diaper bags get so dragged around and beat up, it's better to have a "regular" one that you can replace when it starts to fall apart as opposed to a high-end designer one you'll be fretting over almost as much as the baby.
  12. twins maybe...congrats sweetie!!!!!! The saleya mm in daimer would be a great baby bag...roomy and no vachette:yahoo:
  13. Congratulations!! How about the Sayela MM or GM?
  14. Thank you ladies/gentlemen(if there are any).

    I've got a feeling that I'm going to try the Saleya MM. I live the red velvety interior. I'm still concern about baby's spewing over the bag. This is going to be my first baby so it's got to be special everything and special treatment for me!