I'm planning to get a LV shawl -- gold/silver or black?

  1. I want to get a shawl before the price increase on November 1st. I've narrowed my choices down to 2 colors: gold/silver or black. Both on monogram pattern.

    What should I get?

    I don't wear shawls on a regular basis (I have a toddler ...I need my hands free all the time) and I was thinking about getting the shawl for a nice evening occasions once in a blue moon (therefore I like the gold/silver). But then the black is so versatile that it can probably go casual or formal; but then it's not as "glamorous" as the gold/silver. And obviously I cannot wear the gold/silver on casual occasions because it's too "flashy" for daily use.

    Dilemma dilemma. Help!
  2. i vote black. you get more for the money (because you'll probably use it more)
  3. Black!
  4. another vote for the black!;)
  5. Definitely BLACK.
  6. black here too

    you can get a cheaper one in gold later..
  7. Black!
  8. thank you all! I'll go and get a black one then!
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