I'm pissed and need to VENT!

Wild Orchid

Feb 23, 2007
I'm so sorry, that really sucks! I have a horrible temper sometimes, esp. when people take things that are mine. I would just feel so violated and really pissed off, like just wanting to strangle who did it! I'm surprised your fiance is so calm about it, but then again, no amount of pissiness is gonna bring it back. I hope things get worked out with insurance alright.


We went to check the car out on Friday and I ran into the insurance guy there. I informed him that I had been trying to fax over the purchase receipt since 7am and the fax line was busy all day. I told him that I had called there customer service # and an assistor basically treated me as if I was lying about the fax line.

So he then tells me that he would fax it over then and there. He then goes on to tell me that IF the insurance covers it, they will only cover $1000.00. So of course I get even more pissed. Then he goes to the fax machine and tries to fax the purchase receipt and gets a busy signal. He turns around and said, "Oh, I guess you weren't lying!"

WTF! I was ready to give it to him when my fiance told me to take a walk, which is his way of saying calm the ef-u-si-k down.

So now I'm ready to argue with his claims adjustor. The auto shop they had him take his car to contracted someone else to replace the window. They didn't fix his ignition or anything.

He needs a new insurance company!