i'm petite 4'11" to be exact, how would a part time look on me?

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  1. As the title states I'm pondering the thought of getting a part time bag. I like the fact that it has a longer strap which I can probably get away with wearing it messenger style since I'm vertically challenged.

    I currently have 4 cities, 1 work and a weekender. I'm pretty comfortable wearing all 3.

    I don't own a twiggy because the barrel shape doesn't work well for me "look wise." The long length of the bag just makes me look weird carrying it. I'm also slim (95 lbs) so it sticks out way too much.

    Does anyone have a picture modeling the part time bag that is around my height? Under 5 feet 3 inches preferred. It would help me a lot in deciding!

    Or if you want to just write a review of why you like the part time over the work and city bags, go right ahead!

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I always thought I was a city girl til I tried the PT. I love it, so much more than the city! Why? It's more "substantial", more leather to love. More slouchy. The very first time I tried on the city I was surprised at how small it seemed. When I finally tried the PT, my first thought was "this is how I expected the city to feel". It carries more, but also looks great with very little inside. And it looks fantastic with the GH. I find the city looks too "busy" with GH, but it suits the proportions of the PT perfectly. The PT doesn't seemed balanced to me with only RH.

    I know these reasons are not at all concrete, but it's more a feeling than anything else.
    And here's me with my red 04 city and my pink 08 PT. I'm 5'2" and not anywhere near as slim as you;)

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  3. fayden, the way you rock your Violet SGH Work..you shouldn't have to worry about the PT!!:P

    I'm a little bit over 5'3" and here's my Giant PT;) Sorry camera phone pics..:shame:

  4. fayden - you rock that Violet Work so I am sure a PT would be great for you too!
  5. thank you sunspark for posting your photo! the PT def has more of a statement than the city. do you find yourself thinning out your city bags since? i agree the city is a little bit on the small side sometimes. i agree totally with the hardware accessment. the part time does look much better in GH than RH.

    btw this photo is just amazing! i'm definitely going to think about getting a part time now.


    she totally ROCKS that bag.
  6. These pics are making me want one! I'd never considered the PT before because it looks "wide" to me but I love the way it looks in all these pics. fayden if you are comfortable carrying a work and a weekender I think the PT would be a piece of cake!
  7. Thanks for the photo! do you have one when you're using the strap?
  8. i know! the only thing holding me back is the "wide" part that you mention. it's a different shape compared to the city and weekender. PT is more rectangle whereas the others are more of a box shape. are the proportions of the PT similar to the twiggy style?
  9. Pt is probably my favorite bag. It'll look great on you, no matter your size. THe strap is longer so it will hang down a bit. But, if you're really petite, you might even be able to wear it cross body...that's be cool! go for it then post pics!
  10. The Pt is more rectangular, but it develops that nice hourglass slouch just like the city making it seem not like a rectangle.

    Fayden, I love my bg PT so much that I actually sold 5 of my 04 citys <gasp>. The only city I have left is my true red 04 with pewter which I love so dearly. It is the best red with fantastic leather. And depending on the leather/colors that come out this Fall, I might even let it go in exchange for a new PT.
  11. Fayden... with it being a more east/west bag... its soo much easier getting things in and out of the bag. Plus, with the giant hardware.. it'll break in faster.. so the sides aren't as perky as they are in the beginning. :yes:
  12. I know somewhere Cracker has a modeling pic of her wearing her black ggh pt crossbody! That pic of the girl rocking the truffle pt makes me a bit sad that I returned one last year! Aaaarghh! But there are always other colors! I've been lemming a ggh PT for a while now.

    , you will surely rock a PT no problem!!! Your modeling pic w/violet gsh work is forever etched in my bbag mental repertoire.... Which PT's are you considering if we may ask? I would love to come to the PF and see u modeling a PT giant hw... that would just break my resolve and make me go out and get one too probably!
  13. Vanessa Hudgens has a PT GGH in black.. and she's about your size (a bit taller :biggrin: )
  14. OMG! you sold 04 cities!!! wow you must REALLY love the PT then. i have four 05 cities so that makes me think i might end up doing the same if i really do decide to go for a PT bag.