I'm paying too much for Gucci

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  1. Hi all
    I have been asking around on the threads for different places to buy Gucci.
    The Gucci store where I live seems to be much more expensive than Gucci.com (who I have recently discovered do not post to Aus thanks to Kavnadoo)... and the more I read on the threads about the prices you guys are paying the more I feel ripped off!
    Can anyone tell me where I can buy better priced Gucci online that will deliver to Australia???
    Will I ever get a good deal??!!

    I am looking for...
    Postiano brown trim red scarf (15.6")
    Britt Medium Boston white trim
    'Wave' large boston w/bamboo
    Sand guccisima britt boston
  2. I would definitely have to go with eBay! Don't forget to always get opinions on the auctions you're looking at through the "Authenticate this" in the Gucci sub-forum...
  3. Australia is very limited in terms of Gucci. I'm in Melbourne and I pretty much pay full price all the time unless I buy from Luisa.
    I don't know which state you're in but the Luisa boutique on 171 Collins street in the KPMG building (same building as the Gucci boutique) in Melbourne has a small range of Gucci items. And the staff are great. Luisa is my #1 store in Melbourne and I will chose to shop there everytime. Plus they always give me an additional discount when I am there.

    I don't know what you are after but you can call them on 03 9663 8601. They sell a variety of different brands. Gucci, YSL, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Fendi, Miu Miu etc.
    Another place in Melbourne is the Nina Baird Boutique located in Prahran on High St. The Prahran boutique has some Gucci bags. But just a few. No shoes. Their Smith St boutique has the full price stuff. I haven't been there in ages, but they do have a website and I thought it was ninabaird.net but that is not showing anything and I can't get an address off Google. Last time I checked they had some Gucci bags.

    You can give the Prahran store a call on 03 9417 0792. Like Luisa they sell a variety of different brands.

    Other than that the only websites that ship to Australia are Bluefly (the extra discount codes do nto apply, so it's not worth ordering from them) and Jomashop (but they have a poor range for Gucci, Fendi is great). I can't remember other sites off the top of my head. Raf. Network, Styledrops are not worth ordering from cos you might as well just get it from the boutique.

    I would just stick to the boutiques or if you find something you want, give the 2 stores I listed a call. Other than that, there is really no choice.
  4. Also if you can wait, just wait for the sale coming up in November. There will be a minimum of 30% off.
  5. Kavnadoo that is great!!! That is perfect. Thanks for letting me know!! I am in Perth which is miles below you guys!!... do you think they will have the 30% sale? I'm going there on Friday so I will ask. 30% sounds great....!!
  6. They won't tell you. But they will DEFINITELY have the sale. 30% off selected shoes bags etc and 40% off selected leather bags.
  7. Funny you say that.... I called today and asked about a November sale and she said they were not having one but to keep a look out in The West for a December sale...
    So you think they will have one anyway??? cheeky.....
  8. I am too afraid to buy off eBay!! I find myself looking for hours sometimes and I feel like if I don't look at bags $500+, the chances are they are fakes.
    Just can not bring myself to take the risk...... !!
    I end up deciding to just invest a bit more money and walk into Gucci to be satisfied I carry the real deal....
  9. I guarantee that they will have one. They don't tell people cos they don't want people to wait for the sale, they want them to buy now. If they don't have a sale I will buy you a bag.:p
  10. hahahahahaaaa... ok, you're on!!
    Thanks for all of your help :flowers:
  11. Ebay is an option, but you have to really make sure they're real with questions/pictures (if they're from Africa or China I'd be wary). Bluefly carries them affordably, but I'm not sure if they ship internationally. DiscountGucciWatches carries a good variety and their prices are below what you'd pay in a store, I think they ship to other countries.
    Just a few to start. Good luck!:tup:

  12. OnlineBiz I am pretty sure DiscountGucciWatches.com sells fakes.

    Jessica fyi for the future should you want to buy authentic Gucci watches or bags, Jomashop.com is the way to go. Many many members have purchased from them and found their items to be authentic.
  13. Thanks kav!!!
    I have just been to jomasop and found this gorgeous bag...
    What do you think? Still debating over positano but i love this bag too!!.... I tried this bag on in Perth and it cost $2600 (as i said... paying way too much!!) and it will end up costing $1100... such a deal. Do i implse buy or hang around and see if the positano (gold scarf edition) goes on sale this nov???
    Please help all...
    A new bag is coming I just can not decide which and when......
  14. Positiano is a classic. It won't go on sale I'm pretty sure. Another good place for Gucci is Sabinesboutique.com

    IMO you're better off saving and (even paying full price) for something that you really like. Sabinesboutique had some variations of the positianos at a good price when I last checked. Check them out.
  15. Hi Jessica, I found the site that I mentioned (Nina Baird boutiques in Melbourne). They don't have a great choice but here's the site anyway. I got this email from them just then:

    Hi Gals,

    We have just received a new shipment of wallets.

    From Prada to Fendi and Hugo Boss, we have all types of leathers, suede, press stud and zip styles.

    To check out our range, go to:


    Ciao Nina xx

    Nina - designer shoes not designer prices
    35 Smith St Fitzroy T: 9 417 0792
    183 High St Prahran T: 9 510 3072"