(Im)patiently waiting

  1. So I ordered my medium signature stripe beauty case a few weeks ago in the khaki/crimson. The SA told me that she would put me on a priority list (or something like that) so I would get it when it leaves Coach on September 28th (she said it was coming into the store today and doing it this way would mean that I would get it, instead of having to come into the store and possibly leaving empty handed if it sells out). Well its now the 5th (its 12:03am), so I'm wondering- where is my case? Does anyone know how long it takes for stuff to ship from Coach, because I'm getting a tad bit impatient, lol. Thanks!!
  2. priority list?

    if you ordered something from coach they'd ship it to your house or to you directly...unless it's backordered then sometimes that changes.

    but if the order did go through this shouldn't be happening. there is no priority list as far as i am concerned.

    but then again, the medium stripe case in khaki/crimson is no longer in stores.
  3. Really? She said that they were getting them into the store today, and that they left Coach on the 28th.

    And the SA was like "Oh if you're on this list, you'll get it" and she called it a priority list (although I have some problems with my store, even though a friend of mine works there and the girls there are very nice, they're very dumb. When the embossed line came out I was asking some questions and the SA was like "Where did you hear all this" and when I told her it was on LiveJournal (I was asking when they were getting some of the stuff in), she got so mad!!

    And they also asked if I wanted it shipped to the store or my house, and I ordered my Hamptons weekender bag from the store 2 years ago and it came within a week even though it was sold out in the store, so I'm very confused as to why its taking so long.
  4. I'd lay low and wait or just give them a ring. I wouldn't mention LJ or TPF cause some large companies don't like their employees giving out info early and finding out about it could get them (the employees if they know who it is) in trouble. Just give them a call and ask about it.
  5. I don't think that's available right now, she probably put you into the computer and when it's available your name will pop up and you can order one. Did you give your CC number? I mean unless she put you in backorder and you got a receipt, she must have just written your name down.
  6. Its on the site, so I'm hoping its on the way to my house!! She swiped my mom's card, and said that when it ships, we'll get charged, and I have a recipt, so I guess it was backordered (they confused me a lot, the girls are so nice, but they have their heads in the clouds most of the time, so I think I backordered it). I'll wait a few more days, like after the holiday (who knows, that may have messed things up) and then call. Thanks guys!
  7. Hmm for the backorder system you don't have to swipe a card though :/ you just type in the numbers. I would call now before it's too late!
  8. That's odd I just got mine in..........did you order it online or in a Coach store? I ordered it online at coach.com

    Good luck
  9. I ordered it at the store on September 18th.

    And Sprinkles, now I'm not sure if she swiped it or not, I may go by the store tomorrow after my eye doctors appointment and see what's going on with this (I hope I can find my receipt, it was a big piece of paper, like a computer printout, it wasn't one of their regular receipts).
  10. Nevermind, IT CAME TODAY!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. kool........enjoy it.