(IM)Patiently waiting for the HH SS...

  1. Just thought I'd start the thread for all of us holding our breaths until tomorrow's SS starts! I'm not quite sure what I'm hoping for, but a scarf, a chocolate/olive lorca and/or black Beatrice would be awesome... perhaps even the Orsay in the geometric print... god is DH going to kill me, heheheee! Must narrow my spectrum...

    The BE SS was the first I've ever attended, and I hope HH can pull theirs off just as successfully! No glitches this time (I HOPE!) and great descriptions of any damage too - I really loved the way BE described the product so we'd know what to expect... though I decided to wait for the HH sale this time rather than spend $$$ at both! It was difficult, but I think I have succeeded!
  2. Any idea what HH bags are likely going to go on sale?
  3. Totally no clue!!!

    I am going to take a few educated guesses though... so I'd say similar ones as were on sale a few weeks ago - stock they want to banish once and for all! Perhaps a few even older styles they may have kicking around... The Tulleries (with the floral prints) I am sure we'll see... any other summer-ish stock... perhaps lots of whites and yellows... Malinka's and Kiss Kiss... the other beaded one too... Anyone guess anything else??!
  4. Are we posting our wish lists? :graucho: I would love a Joey or Ramone cuff, Lido wallet, Bardot leather jacket or Anabella coat, and any of the mini dresses.
  5. You know when we were kids - didn't they say that by the 21st century they would have found away for us to shut our eyes and me in another space and time. Does anyone know if they have made any progress in that?? I am going to google and see what I can come up with....

    I WANT TO BE IN NY TOMORROW!!!! Its not fair!!!! Leather jackets for $75!!!!
  6. My wish list: Estelle pea coat or Anabella coat, Toni's painters smock, that ~500$ Joan of Arc dress that was in a preview catalogue but never online, the studded belts and cuffs, another Nico, and maybe a Mosaique satchel?

    But what do I think will show up tomorrow?

    from the Fall line, i bet some of the Pastis bags in the leaf print.
  7. Here here! leather jackets for 75$ for everyone!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. Sweet jebus....I've been wanting a leather jacket for the longest time. OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE.
  9. in my email from HH it says:

    "these bags"...I wonder if it literally means these styles/colors will be in the SS, and if this is our only selection or is there more? or...?

    regardless, I'm making up a wishlist so when I check back tomorrow at 11 I can have a clear head and not make any impulse buys. I still have to save for Xmas presents!
  10. Anyone notice that the sample sale reminder says "save 40-90%" as opposed to the 30-80% listed in the first message they sent out? Oh, I hope so! That would se way, way awesome! And I certainly can find plently of items in that ad above that I would gladly spend money on :smile:

    So- what'd'ya all think- am I doomed to miss all the good deals? I'm going to be in court until around 11, so wil be back in the office around 11:30 or so; oh dear!
  11. Oh yes I noticed the diff, I also notice those tempting price tags that are just a TAD too small to read... ohhhhh!!! The anticipation is killing me!
  12. HEY! Wouldn't it be funny if they had a bunch of their modelling bags and they were all larger sized than the ones they sell??! HA! That would solve the mystery of "How do they find such tiny models?" and "Damn my bag is smaller than I expected!"!

    Sorry - I think being on the pc all day has fried my brain... dreaming of silliness!
  13. You know what would be the best? If Toni herself would model the bags. From the video we saw, she seems to be of average height, build, etc. Plus, we'd see the style she imparts on each of her creations!
  14. Okay-so I'm totally stalking the HH site tonight, drooling over everything, as usual. But- I newly noticed the "HH Staff Picks." I love, love getting to see all the employees pictures. It's great putting pictures to the names and faces. For example- Nitza is totally the greatest! http://haydenharnett.com/?action=employee_picks
  15. What a great idea, I love it!