I'm over the moon! First Dior haul from Paris!


Feb 18, 2007
Hi all, I'm relatively new here and have fallen in love with Dior lately. Ever since Raf Simons took over the Maison, I started to be attracted by its ready-to-wear lines (found them super chic yet elegant), and then handbags, etc. (guess I'm one of the few who started with RTW then handbag?;))

So I finally went to the Paris boutique and spent 2h there trying various RTW and handbags: I was feeling like Alice in Wonderland and loved every piece I tried! I had a hard time deciding which ones to bring home so that I wouldn't be totally bankrupt :P Now without further due, please meet my new babies :yahoo:

It's love at first sight with this fall jacket. It's very Dior with the silhouette, yet feels very modern and wearable. The material is super comfy and stretchy.

Dior has such as fabulous winter collection with such splash of bright colors! I have to snatch this fuchsia dress which is stunning and will definitely brighten the winter days!

Now comes to the last baby hiding in its box, what is it? :graucho:


Dec 8, 2010
So excited to see all your goodies... Love everything so far.. Is that a bag in the last box?


May 26, 2010
Beautiful haul! Love everything, such classic pieces. I'm sure the Paris Dior boutique was amazing too, they treat customers with class!