I'm over Chanel forum!!!

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Sep 6, 2007
I really dont understand why some other ppl are so ignorant, snobbish and sellfish. I was trying to start a thread in Chanel forum, just to get some info and feed my curiosity on what other ppl are discussing. I posted 3 threads and asking some really basic decent questions and nobody responded. How on earth among many ppl who read my posts and not even one responded such an easy basic Qs ( which of course they can answer with fingertips!). Probably they are too lazy to move their fingers, or fingers are occupied doing something else!!!

Perhaps they are those few ppl who walk with their nose high in the air!!! I'm over with their forum. I didnt ask for a warm welcome, but a least be more supportive for someone who is new and naive on Chanel like me.

I think among other ppl in TPF , LV forum is the most responsive, helpful and kind ppl among all. I think I'm fated to be here and I'll just stick with you guys through good and bad times.

Thank you guys for being understanding and supportive!
Oct 18, 2007
~Aawww.....sorry to hear you had an awful experience over at the Chanel forum. Oh, I'm glad I dropped Chanel for Louie. I love this LV forum, yep! the ppl. here are super:tup: and very supportive-most of all...the LV forum has lotsa kind ppl. LOVE you all ((HUGS)):tender::flowers:~


Mar 16, 1980
Common courtesy on tPF: don't go around bashing other brand sub-forums.

Also, be aware the the LV forum is the busiest, by far. You may not receive responses to your questions in other forums as quickly as here.
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