Im out of control. I just bought another SOFTY MAX. IN BLACK. IS this OKAY

  1. I feel like a purse glutton. Does anyone buy multiples? Please tell me im not the only one.
  2. I just bought a couple of MJs not 1 week apart recently. Major guilt. It'll pass. Enjoy them!!!!!!
  3. heehee...don't feel bad. I recently posted about this, but I bought the Softy Faridah in camouflage, fell in love with it, and then bought the same one in chalk!
  4. I have 2 Susannah bags and 2 Selma bags, each a different color than the other. It's okay!
  5. Don't feel bad, I have 2 small MPs and 2 Venetias - all different colors.
  6. I think it's okay when you really love the bag. I have multiples of several bags.
  7. I think it's fine! If money were not an issue I would own a large Multipocket in every color made. I love that bag!!