I'm Ordering a Kelly - Need help!

  1. I have lurked here in the Hermes section and have drooled over all of the gorgeous bags for quite a while. Please be patient while I try to tell an understandable story - I'm a little excited right now!

    My husband, knowing how much I would love a Kelly or Birkin (or both :graucho:) asked what I would need to do to get one. I told him that I didn't think that there was a waiting list for Birkins anymore and I also wasn't sure you could just go into a store and order something without having a relationship with a SA. There is not a store anywhere near us. This past weekend while traveling we were at a mall with an Hermes store. We walked in and looked around and I asked the SA if they had any Birkins or Kellys in the back. She said, no, at least none that weren't taken. She was very nice and we chatted a little more about some of the other bags and looked around. We walked out and my husband said, so aren't you going to ask about ordering one? He convinced me we needed to go back in and ask. When we did, she said that an order COULD be placed and that the next order would go in next February. She said to expect a Kelly to take about a year and a Birkin to take at least 3 years. She got out the leather book and showed us the samples. Now, everything I've learned about Hermes has been here on this board and it's SO much information that I get confused. So here is my problem; this store is about 3 hours away from my home. I called today as I wanted to maintain contact with the SA so she wouldn't forget me as she said they won't take orders over the phone but that I would be okay to do it as I had already been in the store. When I called today to ask some questions after trying to do my research on the purse forum she gave me some more information and now my head is spinning! I am very confused and needing help with making up my mind as to the details of the Kelly I want to order. I want to call back with specifics as soon as possible so I get on the list.

    Since this is turning into a tale of epic proprtions I will post my questions in a separate post :rolleyes::p ....
  2. Congratulations! I think you made a good start with that SA. Depending on what specs you would like in your first Kelly, it may not be so difficult to find one just sitting on the shelf.

    Perhaps you might want to start by buying a scarf from your SA? :graucho:It's amazing how things unfold after that :p
  3. Okay, Here is what I THINK I want ....

    Details - I'm 5'1 and would like to use this baby a LOT so I want to leather to be fairly sturdy! I like blue jean and gold as far as colors go and I think I want a 28. I had some thoughts on the leather - I think box is stunning but worry that I would "worry" about it scratching too easily. I'm not sure I like the graininess of togo and was worried it might be heavy from some things I've read? So I had narrowed down the leathers to epsom, vachee liage and after talking to the SA, fjord. Here is the dilemma - I wasnt aware that some colors (blue jean in particular) are only available in a very limited number of leathers....and that it also depends on the size. She gave me some details and I tried to keep up but was not able to write everything down ... I belive she said blue jean in a 28 would only be available in box, togo and epsom and gold in togo, epsom and fjord. Does that sound right? I know she also said it depended on whether I wanted a "rigid" or soft bag .....that was where I got very confused as I was not certain of which of those I wanted. Can someone elighten me on the differences? I know the rigid one has the stitching all the was around the outside and looks a little more dressy (also that it is more expensive). Do any of you have any thoughts on which you like better and Why?

    I didn't think I would get a chance to do this for a long while! As a matter of fact I thought that if I was able to get one it would be preowned or if I just happened to walk in a store that had one I could buy what was available. I'm VERY excited to be able to order what I want but hadn't expected to be able to do it so soon and am feeling overwhelmed and underprepared! :nuts:

    Any opinions, advice, thoughts on any of the above matters are greatly appreciated!!
  4. Thanks! I agree - what I want may be a combination that is easy to come by. However, I can't just walk in the store a lot to look because it is so far away. The SA did say that once she put me in the computer, I would get a call if
    a bag came in that was close to my specs.

    We did not make a purchase while we were there but I ordered a pair of designer eyeglass frames while at the mall and I will need to go back to get them. I think an enamel bangle may be in my future! :graucho:
  5. Karla, I think a comparison photo showing a sellier (rigide) and a retourne (souple) would help you decide on your choice.

    The first photo (bag belongs to archangel) is that of a sellier Kelly and the second is that of a retourne Kelly (mine)

    A retourne Kelly is easier to get in and out of - and is a great style for casual use, IMO. I on the other hand, prefer the sellier any time, and don't mind it looking dressier. I love Kellys that sit up nice and tall. It just exudes the air of elegance that is heavenly.
    vert anis sellier kelly.jpg Vert Anis Kelly.jpg
  6. As for your short listed colours, BJ and Gold (you can actually refer to the leather/colour thread in the reference section to help you decide)

    I am not sure if BJ comes in Box. I think not. But definitely in Togo and Epsom.

    And the same for Gold - Togo, Epsom and Fjord.

    Vache Liegee is a great and hardy leather. You won't need to baby this one. But because of its hardiness, comes with a bigger price tag. A few hundred more. But definitely worth it. Gold in VL is divine. Some of the ladies own Gold VL Kellys and Birkins here. You can see their pictures in the Brown Colour thread in the reference section.
  7. Karla,

    I woud recommend a retoune Kelly based on the fact that you want a 28 cm. A 28 rigide Kely will not have as much give as a retoune.

    I hav a 32 cm retourne BJ Kelly in togo and I don't find it heavy at all.

    BJ comes in Clemence, Togo, Swift, and Epsom right now. All are grainy with Swift having the east amount of grain. I would consider it a smooth leather, but it is rather soft. Epsom has a grain but is the stiffest of the BJ colors.
  8. Karla, Congrats on your upcoming Kelly!! I'll bet you're glad that your hubby nudged you to go back inside the store to place an order. ;) How exciting. :smile:
  9. My advice would be to first select a color. Then select leather (because the color varies slightly amongst the leathers). I don't know if you like big bags or small bags. I am 5'4" and don't carry that much in my bag (wallet, cosmetic case, cell, and keys). I am very happy with the 28 size. I love the look of the sellier (hard) but prefer to use my retourne kelly for everyday use because it's so much easier to get in and out of and just feels more comfy with its rounded edges. Retourne looks more casual too.

    Blue jean and gold are beautiful color choices. Blue jean would add great color and still act as a neutral. Gold is gorgeous and would coordinate with just about everything. Both are all year round colors, IMO.

    If you need more time to make a decision, that's understandable. I admit that I changed my mind almost weekly but in time I started gravitating towards the same choices.

    Good luck! So happy that you have this opportunity to order your kelly of choice!
  10. I know the process of deciding what bag u want is difficult-but I LOVE getting a brand new H bag from the H store! It will b worth all ur agonizing when u unwrap that orange box! Good luck!
  11. How are you getting along??

    Have you narrowed down your decisions yet?
    I may be wrong but I do think the blue jean is lovely it wouldnt be for me, and I dont know if it will be as in vogue in years to come if that makes sense

    I use my black box calf all the time , I just love it I make sure I wipe it with a damp cloth when I need to and take it yearly to Bond street for a refurb
    but I dont find it does scratch that badly really
    Hope you are getting along ok
    the other member have so much more knowledge than me
    good luck
  12. sparkles i love your VA kelly, what leather is it????
  13. Thank you. It's Togo. :p
  14. Hc

    Your not going to buy more are you he he he

    hows that gorgeous croco,,,,,,

    Ohh I just went green again
    sigh drool