I'm opening a spa =) Any other business owners?

  1. So,

    Recently I had joined the womens entrepreneur association and small business association in my city. I have been working with mentors and have drafted probably 10 copies of my business plan out and is now sending them out for funding and grants. I have some business money of my own to put into my business and I am extremely excited (and nervous). I'm still very young but have always known that I was someone who would start my own business (it runs in the family).

    Anyway, I have just booked a couple of showings for some great retail spaces in some really hip parts of my city so hopefully something stands out for me.

    Just wanted to hear about anyone else's experience in opening their business.

    I have a lot of paperwork to do that could hold me over for the next century!! But I am so excited to be able to start something like this.
  2. Good luck!! One of my friends is opening her own business in the summer after our college course ends. She's starting to sort everything out ready for it now, it seems SO exciting! She's going to be doing floristry & selling dresses.. like bridal/prom style! :smile:
  3. Wow, that is exciting. I would love to open a FaceLogics franchise (only two in Canada so far and both in Edmonton - last time I checked) but know nothing about being a franchisee.
  4. Good luck. I'm in the beauty industry also (online) Being in business for yourself is hard but rewarding.