I'm one step from BIN.....

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  1. My dream grail bag is available and I am sooooo temtped to BIN. Great seller,great bag,good price.....but the seller is in another country. I'm worried about duty tax. I emailed the seller and I think she may be willing to not claim it full value. If she is willing, what do I do? I'm not even sure what the duty tax is....seller thinks it may be 9%. It is not an exotic bag, just a leather one. I'm afraid if full value is not claimed I may be at risk if anything happens during the shipment. I've never purchased overseas before so this is a new can of worms for me.......
  2. Ah tax...my personal pet peeve. I don´t buy from outside Europe anymore simply because a bargain is not a bargain when I have to pay 30 % on top. You never know though, it might slide past, especially if a courier is used. It all depends on whether it feels right for you.
  3. I've just received one of my grail bags from overseas without a problem but the seller has TONS of experience shipping....and that gave me the confidence I needed to take the risk.

    There's ALWAYS a risk with these things even when the seller knows exactly how and what to do......
  4. S´mom that´s fantastic! Please pm me if you want to share the seller.
  5. Thanks Nola! Seller uses fed-ex and I'm in the US. So you have to pay 30% in Europe:wtf:??
  6. On leather bags I think the prosentage was 30% of the price and postage. It depends on the product. I hate it either way, it´s always a minimum of 22%. Plus they stare at customs, it makes me feel quezy!
  7. i think it's between 6 - 7%, PGN -- i'll see whether i can find that tariff table.

    if you declare lower value you can only insure for the lower value, so there is some risk doing that. i've only had fedex and ups deliveries with tax bills -- never if they ship via the post office. well, so far, anyway.

    sorry PGN, it's 8% -- see Section 4202.11.00 i was thinking of reptile leather, which is 5.3%

  8. PGN......FEDEX is fantastic because you can track the box every hour (practically) of it's journey. Mine hit a teeny snag in customs but we worked with the agents and the bag arrived at my house safe & sound the following day without any additional fees. Where is it coming from? Europe?
  9. Thanks DQ! Even 6-7% hurts!
  10. Yep- Europe. So did you not have to pay custom fees?
  11. Well, if seller uses FedEx then you'll have to pay charges no matter what and, well, they are pretty high on full price Hermes, in UK at least :supacool:

    I buy from abroad a lot (incl. H) and thankfully I never had a problem, even my Birkin came from US. Having said that, there's always a risk of things going wrong so it's up to you.
  12. I can´t believe you guys have 6/7% fees! How unfair. I´ll go sulk in the corner.
  13. No kidding! 30% is just WRONG!!!!
  14. In UK VAT is 17.8%, PLUS custom charges, PLUS carrier's handling fee. You get charged on the total value of the goods, that's INCLUDING the cost of shipping The amounts you can get charged here do vary but it's not unwise to budget up to 40% extra. It's a joke :wtf:

  15. :shocked: Makes it not worth the trouble.