im on vacation in florida and i miss my...

  1. new bordeaux blake :sad: i just received her from Shopbop on oct 31st and i left on nov 4th, so i haven't gotten much use out of her yet!

    i decided to leave her at home last minute because i know how florida weather can be. and also, i didnt want to carry her around all around disney.

    i swear, my boyfriend thinks im a lunatic for missing my bag! :sos:

    be home sunday!
  2. I was at Disney week before last and I too left my MJ Baby at home, did not want her in harms way!! Have you been to all the parks? Check out the Tower of Terror, really fun and the Aerosmith roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i did the aerosmith coaster years ago! i am TERRIFIED of coaster/heights now, so you wont catch me on the tower of terror! today we went to animal kingdom and we'll hit up disneyland either tomorrow or friday. ;)
  4. hope youre haivng fun jackie!!
  5. I would be the same way! Men don't understand sometimes!
  6. thanks jess! lets do a nyc meetup after thanksgiving, maybe do some xmas shopping? :supacool:
  7. sounds like a plan.
  8. hehe i always feel that way
    i always have a hard time deciding which bags to take and regret not taking ___ hehehhe
  9. You've looked at your blake pictures since you've been gone havent you!? :love:

    Its okay. You can tell us......:graucho: We wont tell anyone.
  10. hahah funny you mention it. ive only looked once...I SWEAR :okay: