I'm on the phone..

  1. with 866-vuitton..

    i just had lunch.

    OMG THE MUSIC...i feel so tired now... :rolleyes:
  2. :graucho:are you ordering something..
  3. Hmmmm ..... what you are gonna order?
  4. Lunch must have been good...:graucho:
  5. what's the rest of the story, pray tell ;)
  6. .......


    SA couldn't find one...

    she is sending the 06 catalogue for me...didn't ask me to pay for shipping!
  7. So sometimes if you order the catalog you don't have to pay shipping? Or is it just certain SA's?
  8. i don't know! i had my credit card ready because i know that a lot of people have to pay $10 shipping. when she said that she would ship out the catalogue soon and didn't ask for any payments, i was like :nuts:

  9. Nice!
  10. Oooh, I wanna know what you trying to order :sneaky:
  11. Wow nice.
  12. Let us know what it is, please!!
  13. :sneaky:
  14. I wanna know!!! :p

    OT: Don't you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the music they play when you're on hold? I realllllly really want that song!
  15. i wonder if its the same hold music they have in the stores. the first time i was on hold at the ala moana store my reaction was :confused1: lol