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  1. :yahoo: I just put my name & slapped my cc down for a Mirroir Speedy. I wasn't too sure after seeing the pics in the catalog but the SA saw it in person & said it's gorgeous.

    Got me wondering..... what are you/ have you been on the list for??? & have you been dissapointed or extremely happy when you saw your piece for the first time?
  2. So far so good! Everything I was ever on the list for turned out great for me! Graffiti Almas, Fringe and Cerises Speedy, etc. Can't wait to get my hands on that Mirror one!!!:love:
  3. Mirroir Speedy? Haven't heard of this yet?? What does it look like? You guys now I love my Speedies. LOL.
  4. Great so far!
  5. know not "now" lol
  6. Yup..considering that I've never returned anything, I'd say I'm happy with all my purchases.
    I'm on the list for the Silver Miroir Speedy, the Silver Miroir Pochette, Gold Miroir Pochette and anything from the Groom line (I'll probably end up getting a Cles or two.)
  7. Congrats! Waiting for pics ;)

    Answering your question... I'm always on the list for something :yes: Everything I want to buy usually not available right away or waitlisted, I dunno why :biggrin:
  8. I'm on the list for the silver miroir pochette and the gold papillon...not sure if i'll keep any though!!! will have to see how cute/practical or not these bags are!
  9. It has always worked out great for me everything that I get on the waitlist. LV never seem to disappoint me.;)
  10. I'm not completly sold yet, the pics don't look that good, but my fingers are crossed. I have to call & add the pochette, Iv'e been thinking about it since I left.
    What did you think of the fur pieces?
  11. Lol it'll be awhile..the line won't be released until Dec. 1st :smile:
  12. I think they're more "show" pieces. Though for being $9,000, $11,000 and $14,000 respectively, that's way too much to pay for a bag you'll barely use.
  13. Congrats Taco:biggrin: ,I'm not sure yet,never put my name down on anything,is it OK if we change our mind later and not buy?:blink:
  14. Here you go, M:
  15. OMG!!! I have to have IT!! What colors will they have. Remember I'm from the stix of Nebraska so there are no LV stores around so I have to rely on Eluxury. Tell me more!! LOL.:yes: :heart: