I'm on the hunt.....

  1. for a Jumbo flap in navy, either lamb or caviar (I would prefer lamb though) with the classic chain. I know they are near impossible to find, but if anyone sees one PLEASE pm me and tell me where! I would SO appreciate it!
  2. gina Chanelboy has mentioned that there will be a patent crackled leather jumbo flap in navy coming in for Fall If this helps!:smile:
  3. Absolutely DO NOT like patent..... but thanks for taking time to answer!
  4. Yeap you're welcome !I wonder how it will look too they release it in black med and jumbo as well.I like patent more on the reissue though!:smile:
  5. I saw one at the San Francisco boutique awhile ago. I was going for the black and my SA accidently brought out the Navy from the back. It's worth a shot. Call the SF boutique and ask for Cari. 415 981 1550
  6. Just saw this. Thanks! I will give them a call tomorrow.