I'm on the fence about getting a gauffre....

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  1. Push me over. :smile:

    Do you like yours?? (Silly question, I know.... but, it will be helpful to hear.)
  2. Gauffres are the BEST!!!
    I have a black gauffre bowler bag that it soooo smushy!I adore it and one day Ill pass it down to my daughter.....its a spectacular bag!
  3. Jill, I think that was enough to happily push me over the edge..... :yahoo:

    Thank you!!!!!!!! (soooooooooo:huh: excited!!!!!!!!!!!)
  4. Is the gauffre a classic like the Antic Cervo?
  5. I agree with Jill -- the smush factor is high!! I love mine too.
    Classic? I'd say yes. But I'm biased. :smile:
    I tend to dress a tad to the conservative side but with a slight edge and when I first saw the Gauffres, I fell in love and had to have one. I think I'll wear mine for a long time....
  6. OMG push push!!!!! I have an e/w gauffre in cera...LOVES!!!! What one are you thinking about?
  7. Although I don't have one (yet), I think they're a classic and soooooo gorgeous!
  8. PUSH :Push:

    Seriously, gaufres are beautiful - simple yet makes a statement all by itself
  9. I picked up my gauffre today and love it. This is the most excited I've been about getting a new bag in a while, love it! I bought the cera antic satchel.
  10. Guarfes are wonderful. They are light and the leather is so smooshy soft.
  11. Kittenslingerie..... is that the picture of the gauffre you just got?? That's the one I LOVE!!!!!! Your bag is B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you order it from saks?? Is it item # 0416668479155 ???
    (I am going to try and include the link-- hopefully, it will.)

    Please let me know..... I eagerly await any input!!! :flowers:

  12. ^ If that's the bag you got we're bag twins..and JILL has one too so we're bag triplets lols!!! Cera, right? Congrats!! You'll LOVE her!!
  13. Yes, thats the same style bag in the link in the dark vintage looking brown. I actually bought mine today at Saks, it had been on hold for almost a week. They had one more new non-display cera(light beige) in the back, pm me if you want my SA's info.
  14. Cera is popular!! I wasn't sure about the color at first because I thought it would be hard to keep clean, but I love the look. I just got it in the bowler style a couple of days ago.

    Did any of you treat the bag before using it? I am afraid of stains, but more afraid of turning the leather dark by treating it.
  15. Hi!!!

    One of the triplets reporting..... it's official: I got the cera!!!!!!!!!!
    (I love even typing that!!) I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the helpful encouragement. You really came through for me!!!!!

    :flowers: Much appreciation :flowers: