I'm on my 2nd glass of wine and on elux...

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  1. OMG I'm about to buy a few things I probably don't need. Tough day at work...not a bad day but super busy. I'm fried. BF is home sick at his place and I decided to stay at my place and catch up on laundry, etc.

    Anyone wanna join me? :p
  2. Oh girl! I am about to go do the dishes, because we just ate! lol! Both parents are sick like hell! My bro too, I am the only not sick! Oh so you are going to go shopping on elux?
  3. HAHA.Im doing laundry at midnight....Maybe Ill grab drink with ya..LOL
  4. OOH.Lets all go on ELUX and be bad girls..ROFL
  5. Thats it..Lets drink,and shop.THERES A PLAN!!
  6. Oh Jill, man, don't tell me that! I really feel the urge to shop! I need something in the pomme d'amour color!
  7. Cheers, ladies! I'm about to get some more LV which I need like a hole in the head. Or maybe it's the January blahs. I was supposed to be in VEGAS right about now partying with the girls at a women's hockey tournament like we do every year but due to my workload I couldn't do it this year. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself. ((group hug))
  8. Its OK..we shall all shop and drink with you now!LO!L HUGS!
    Im kinda diggin these Tods Flats.
  9. Awww sweetie, that sucks! Don't feel sorry! Oh what ya getting!
  10. Jill, they are hot!
  11. ^^ Niiiice!

    I'm considering this lil' number...

  12. I say everyone buy some LV..LOl..I personally want the cruise towel.But at 450-argh..LOL!Id need my head examined!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Lovin The Dior Flats Too! Rofl!
  15. ^^I'm really diggin' the zippy organizer...lots of bang for the big bucks. Haven't looked at Prada in awhile, Jill, any suggestions?