I'm on a mission To find a 2006 PALE ROSE

  1. Does anyone know of any???
    City or 1st
    rather have 1st I THINK:rolleyes:

    If anyone has a good picture of a Pale Rose Post it if you can
    I hate PINK BAGS on me but THIS color looks HOT:love:

    I need this pink then a ink city and I AM DONE:shame:


    The bug bit me 3 First bags in less then a week:sick:

  2. Take a look at this auction on ebay. It is a rose pink purse, gives you a great idea of the color. #6883388373
  3. VIP, we aren't allowed to request bags or sell our own bags on PF anymore.
    Asking for pics is ok, but not if anyone has any to sell...you know?
    Just wanted to give you a heads up before the sweet mods beat you with bags. ;)
  4. I just bought my 06' pink hobo from Neiman Marcus Las Vegas. I know for sure she said they had other styles in the pink. I would try there.
  5. Thanks for the HEADS up W. I wasn't asking to buy from another member I was asking for pictures of any they might own KWIM or if they knew of a store Saks nm etc that had one..
    But to be honest I don't mind being beat up with bags:roflmfao:
    If they are the SOFT b-bags now Hermes and some LV bags might hurt:graucho:
  6. I'm on a mission To find a 2006 PALE ROSE Does anyone know of any???
    City or 1st
    rather have 1st I THINK

    I must have misinterpreted the above.
    Imagine being beaten with a Birkin? I'm sure many men have.
  7. Pale rose (I sold this - too pink for me):
  8. As of Friday afternoon, Balenciaga NY had a pale rose city available. Good luck on your mission!
  9. Thanks Livin for the picture
    I too am not a PINK person with bags But THE Pale pink looks hot and I live in florida so I can use the bag all year
    Thank Tod I I WILL Call now
  10. Here's a pic of my pale rose Purse for color reference. I LOVE this color too!
  11. How do you like the purse compared to the City? I am dying dying dying for a Purse but can't decide on a color.
  12. The purse seems to be a popular bag in the Pale Rose for celebs, I've seen pictures of Carmen Electra, Xtina and L.Lohan carrying it.
  13. I have a City too and two Twiggys. I really love the Purse because it is truly a "shoulder" bag. The City I carry as a satchel. Same with the Twiggys. I just thought the Purse was the perfect style for the pale rose color because it is very feminine.
  14. I just got the pink in the hobo so I am not sure if I want it in the purse too. Maybe cognac but I am not sure. But then again I am such a pink person that I may get it in the purse too. :smile:
  15. everytime i look at your purse, Kat it makes me wanna order a purse! (hehehe)