I'm on a graffiti speedy hunt...

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  1. Help! I'm itching for a speedy from the 2001 Stephen Sprouse graffiti collection and thus hunting ebay and consignment sites (anyone know of good ones?). I have some questions for the experts---do you:
    1. know which number the larger speedy is?
    2. have an idea what would be a good price to pay?
    3. know if this bag came with ID cards and do I need them for authenticity?

    thank you all so much!
  2. It came in 30. They don't come with authenticity cards and I think you'll end up paying anywhere between 999.00 - 2000.00 depending on the condition of the bag. Good luck. If you find any auctions, post links and we'll try and help you with any questions you may have.
  3. LV's don't come with authenticity cards, they come with a price tag that sometimes has a sensor in it, a style name tag with a barcode, and a care booklet. Since you would be buying this bag used (obviously), you most likely will not find a bag with these tags and booklet. If you find a bag and are unsure of it's authenticity, there are plenty of Graffitti girls here to help you.
  4. let-trade has a khaki one for sale right now i think.
  5. Yes they do, and it looks like it's in real good condition.
  6. I have a silver one which people always seem to comment on...I don't know how to post photos so you can compare it to my perf one:shame:
  7. let-trade an MSRP seller has one I'm not sure if it is still available. Check her site let-trade.com or serch for her on ebay. Good luck (i think she has a black and white one) :nuts:
  8. I just bought one from Let-Trade. A brand new one at that, for $1,900. It came with the tag (holy cow) and the dust bag (older version) but, no care book. Good luck and I will keep an eye out for you.
  9. I know someone who's selling a Green (Khaki) one if you're interested...I'll ask them how much they want for it..

  10. The Khaki one is hot...I love it. I saw it on let trade as well. Its in great condtion. (I have to comment...does anyone else think the black gloves are funny holding all of the pieces the sell?) Its kind of spooky...makes me laugh.
  11. ^^^ They were spookier when he used white gloves. :lol:
  12. ^:lol:
  13. I was thinking the same thing:lol:
  14. I just adore that olive color! Sometimes I hate living in the tropics!!! Dark color like that look SO winter when its 85 every damn day. My once black wordrobe is not bursting in color!!! SNATCH up that gorgeous bag! ( dont wear black gloves with it..);)