I'm on a COACH ban!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I've been a member for a while and love to read all the threads. But this is my first post. :smile:

    Anyways I received my new catalogue a few days ago and was about to look through it again to plan for my future purchase. Then to find out my mom threw it away!!! She said I spend too much money and cant get a new one until spring!! In the past three months I've purchased the Ali in whiskey with matching french purse, Hippie in white with the white legacy wristlet, and a bunch of other accesories and not to mention spending $1200 during the preferred customer event. I know its a bit too much but i cant help myself.

    I was wondering if they have the new ones at the coach stores already ( cuz the web site isnt updated yet) I dont think I can wait until spring. Thats tooo far away.

  2. new catalogs are in the boutiques now..:yes:
  3. New floorset goes up on Dec. 26 according to my SA...and yes the catalogs are out at the store.
  4. I just got four bags (plus wallets and accessories) myself and my SO said enough is enough! I do have a Coach credit that I plan on using for a few things from the new catalog... I've never actually been on a ban before!! My SO is too sweet... I know I'll end up getting my way! ;)
  5. life is too short for a ban. :p
  6. I am not going on an actual ban, but I want to enjoy my new legacy and also get some use out of other bags that I have hardly carried and still look brand new.
  7. I'm planning to slow down but it's hard to with all the bags I want right now. I keep praying I won't like anything in the new stuff they release each time.
  8. I don't stop, I just slow down from LV to Coach. I still get what I want, without paying so much!