I'm on a bag ban

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  1. Yes, sad but true. I need to cut back on my spending, plus I think I should take time to enjoy the Mulberry bags I have rather than lusting after more. So if you see me considering a purchase remind me that for the near future I am NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANYTHING :crybaby:
  2. If you look at most of the threads here, most people proclaimed they're on purse ban. But honestly, it's difficult for bag fanatics to be on purse ban. I know coz I'm one myself. And with Christmas coming, there seems to be a lot of pre-Christmas sales going on and I"m sooooo tempted. If I'm not jobless now, I'll be happily swiping my cards for bags that's on sale now.
  3. Oh, I know what you mean - I have my Bayswater under the tree and I am lusting over something in oak!! Pitiful, really!! Need to wait and plan for Bday present in May!!! I do certainly know what you mean!! I will be on ban except for oak!!!
  4. OOO, don't worry,there are always good things available at the outlets for good prices all year round so don't feel you have to splurge in the sales and break the bank right now,its impossible at christmas anyway as nearly everyone is spent up,better waiting and then spending a bit more comfortably later in the year,less guilt and you can enjoy a new bag better then!!! I'm having horrific guilts at the mo coz I have overspent,I wish I had'nt coz I can't get Pinky out and enjoy her properly yet!!!!! But she's a summer bag and as long as I behave from now till May,I should,hopefully be able to get one at the meet!!!
  5. I'm s'posed to be on a bag ban till May too BUT i have these damn John Lewis vouchers burning a hole in my pocket and I'd only have to spend an additional £70 to get the Antony i want.

    or if i spend my John Lewis vouchers on waitrose groceries I could put the money towards an Antony from the outlet and only pay an extra £11

    Now how can i pass that up?????????
  6. Jo - of course you can't pass that up!!! Go for it!!! GO JO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. you bad woman encouraging me!!!!:p
  8. How can you miss a real bargain in the sales ? it would make sense to snap up a bargain and then go * cold * until the summer sales comes around:smile:
  9. Maybe of some use to you giw, and there will be lots there after xmas too!!!there are some more Cheshire Oaks outlet prices on the end of the thread for you all!!!xxxxxxxx
  10. Thanks Chaz. I am determined not to buy in the sale. I have a lovely Bayswater sitting in its box that needs to be used before I can buy any more. I can't afford more bags atm!
  11. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more bags until our meet in May and then I saw the claret Joni. It's now haunting my every waking moment but I'm not buying it unless it comes down to the same price as the green one - it's £100 more at the moment!
    I am going to go to the SM sale on 27th but will just tell myself it's Joni or nothing. If Joni has gone I'll be coming back emptyhanded - well that's the plan!!!
  12. Sarajane, would it help if someone put you off the Claret Joni? I was very unhappy with the one I had and finally sold it off (I still have the original Hibiscus Joni though). I know when I'm obsessing about a bag it's hard for anyone to derail my mission:nogood:, but just thought I'd volunteer in case your bag ban really needs to be imposed.

    Anyway, if you want to be put off the bag in the service of your bag ban, let me know and I'll spill. If not, I'll say nothing and encourage you to purchase your heart's desire if it's still there on the 27th ( and start your bag ban after that):smile:.
  13. Hahahaha!! Been there done that and now proudly wearing the I'm Officialy Skint badge!!!!

  14. Ok Tagullah - spill all! I'd rather know all the gory details than buy it and be disappointed. I know it's washed nappa which is no where near as hard wearing as soft nappa so it'll mark really easily. I do love the style though and was thinking it would make a perfect hands free bag. Please tell all....
  15. Well SJ, judging from your message I think you already know the pitfalls of this bag. Basically my claret Joni got horribly stained the first time I took her out from just brushing against a wall - the leather just seems incredibly porous AND on her second outing, she actually got torn. I have no idea how the tear happened. I'm not a particularly careless bag user and I've never had anything like this happen with any of my other bags (except the green Joni that also got badly stained from placing her on the floor of my car). The leather is SO fragile, it just seems like normal usage of this kind of nappa leather is most likely going to end up resulting in some sort of damage.

    I ended up selling both my Claret and Green Jonis for a vastly reduced price ( even though I'd hardly used them) because they were both visibly damaged.