I'm officially obsessed with Frisoni bow sandals

  1. I saw someone posted a link to a pair of Bruno Frisoni bow pumps on the "Shoe Deal" section. I was instantly obsessed! It seems like the design is Frisoni signature, kinda, and of course it has been out for a long while so they're basically all sold out. I'm size 5 so of course my size is nonexistent.
    Now, I see that Betsey Johnson makes similar sandals/pumps. I was told by the SA that BJ does not make size 5s. 6 is the smallest.
    Are there any other brand that makes similar designs. If you know where I can get the original Frisoni pair, that would be even better.
  2. I've been stalking eBay for a pair for awhile now ... try running an eBay search, and then using the "save this search" feature.

    Although, if anyone knows where to find a pair anywhere else, I'd be super-interested, too. Good luck!
  3. Saks carries Bruno Frisoni and I recently saw the bow style in the store. They are beautiful shoes. Good luck finding them.
    I have also seen them pop up on eBay occasionally.
  4. I am in exactly the same boat...I saw them for the first time in the shoe deals section, loved them, and have had a saved search on ebay ever since! Maybe I'll try calling Saks...
  5. i used to love them and was this close to buying them until i tried them on and the fit wasn't that comfortable. it felt a little weird in fact, but maybe that's just me ;) the shoes are so pretty i love his girly style, please post modeling pics when you get them!! can't wait :graucho:
  6. I love the bow style, and have 3 pairs. The pink and black lace are absolutely gorgeous. You just can't help but feel ladylike and special in them. I wouldn't rec them for everyday, as they do drag on the floor sometimes, but every time I've worn them, I've gotten compliments.


    They went on sale a while back but now they're nowhere to be found. Have not been to Saks in quite a while, but take Kamilla's word and try Saks. Otherwise, stalk ebay.

    Note: In all three bow shoes, I went down .5 size from my european designer size.
  7. BTW, there's a python version available this season, at Saks (which is prolly the one Kamilla saw, yah?):

  8. Those shoes are GORGEOUS! Has anyone by chance seen the flats version anywhere? I know there were from a season ago or so and I wish I had picked them up, now I can't seem to find them ANYWHERE
  9. They are so pretty. I wish I had picked some up when they were on sale.
  10. I am the one that posted the Frisonis....i am the one to blame lol
    Im in love with them too! I found them on ebay...in my size(39) but a while back I had posted a link from saks that would only work with the link. I think they were around $289. Ill keep an eye out for you. They are a great shoe. I saw them on TPF in someones shoe collection & Ive wanted them ever since.
  11. i tried the polka dots version last season.. very pretty and it feels very hard when walking.. so i didn't buy..
  12. Yes Stina, I think you are the one to blame! ;)The pair you posted was TDF! I loved the stripes on them. The pink laces are also lovely. My bf loves them. I love it when he vents with me when I can't find shoes my size, haha.

    My obsession has only gotten worse, lol. I check ebay everyday! No luck so far though. :crybaby:
  13. What a supportive boyfriend! :smile:
  14. lol
    The ones I posted were my size but I was too late! I had found a pair at Saks too & once again, I was too late. Ill keep my eyes open!