I'm officially grossed out.. (not by LV!)

  1. Ok.. so I was in my university's computer lab and I look over and I see this gross little beetle bug crawling all over my LV! UGH! :cursing: I have a big bug-phobia so I freak out and try to flick the little midget off my purse and I swear.. I'm scared to touch my LV! Haha..

    I know I'm probably coming off as a child but ugh.. I seriously hate bugs. :sad:
    Finally got the nerve to touch my purse and inspect the inside making sure nothing else it creeping crawling in it!

    Just thought I'd share this little mishap that just happened.. like 5 minutes ago..

    xD! :nuts::lol::upsidedown:
  2. I hate bugs SO much I have a bad phobia too. lol
  3. Hahahahahahahaahha I the same with bugs!!! God........i hate them sooo bad..i say take a clean towel and rug your LV where the bug was.....Its gonna be all better haha
  4. Ew I've had that happen to me. I saw a ant crawling across my bag and I got so grossed out, I was scared to look in my bag to see if there were any more bugs hehe.
  5. aww eww! once I was at a swim meet at a really gross pool complex, and a huge cockroach crawled right out of my equipment bag! I was scarred for life! lol!
  6. Haha! I'm like you. I'd kick my bag. =D haha.
  7. I hate bugs too, my biggest fear are Roaches.
  8. Ahaha, I hate bugs too. They're so gross, especially spiders.
  9. LOL it's a bug it's one of G-d's creatures
  10. I know how you feel, I hate all bugs. Especially spiders. I actually had a cricket in my speedy once. It jumped out while I went to get it. I was so afraid that there might be more in there, lol.
  11. Oh, please!!! I saw a salamander in one of my bathrooms like 30 mins ago and threw a fit (yes, like a child) and whimpered on to my other bathroom. I should clarify that living in the caribbean salamaders are the best getting rid of mosquitoes and flies (hubby's allergic to mosquito bites hence he refuses to shoo them from inside the house). Then a grasshopper flew in, milled around the dining room lamp then landed on the floor where my beagles ran to investigate. At least hubby did get rid of the grasshopper... :throwup:
  12. LOL...
    at least it wasn't a SNAKE.
    Yes, I live where they like to be near humans !!! yikes !!!
  13. Privileged are those of you whose prominent fears are merely bugs.