I'm officially following Shopmom...

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  1. No! I'm not a stalker!!!

    BUT another hypothetical question...

    Let's say you found a bag... Really2 cheap... That you really2 want

    Below the regular price or any price imaginable, and the price reflected this :nuts:

    BUT, the conditions of the leather, in some part of the bag is just horrendous, which means at the second glance, you know the bag is used... and you don't particularly like the leather, but will tolerate it!

    On the other hand, you can use this bag everywhere. Since it has already been trashed by the previous owner, like to the office (I'm talking about the future in about 3 months time ladies :yahoo: )

    Would you buy it???
  2. No, I wouldn't want a bag that's trashed. Even the ones I use for work I like to keep them well maintained. I don't think it's worth it.
  3. Unless it can be refurbished...no I would not get it.
  4. ^ ditto.
  5. I guess the whole Hermes thrill of the chase would be lost. Although a very low price might tempt me in unthinkable ways, if, like Quinn's Mom said, the bag could come back from the spa brand-spankin' new.
  6. No. I've bought 2 pre-owned bags and thye have been loved. It's just heart breaking seeing a trashed bag.
  7. You know, condition of the bag is really everything. If the bag is perfect in everyway but in bad condition I will always pass. If the bag is trashed beyond what can be fixed at the spa I wouldn't get it not even if it was so cheap they'd almost be paying me to take it. LOL!!!!
  8. No, the condition of the bag is really important to me. If I ever buy a pre-owned bag it would have to be an extremely loved vintage bag.
  9. I totally agree with Shopmom! I'd be happier & enjoy the bag more if it's in good condition. There was a gorgeous box Kelly on eBay recently...I was so close to placing a bid! but I held back because there's a tear on the underside of the flap. That would bother me BIG time.
  10. Don't do it. The actual price of a bag and its value are two different things. You don't want a bag whose condition doesn't reflect YOUR values, either.
  11. Vintage is one thing, but trashed is another. I wouldn't do it.
  12. Ok. Actually the bag is not in a bad shape at all. It's just the handle that bothers me.

    Anyway, I'll follow all the advice. I'll be patient!
  13. No. Absolutely not.
  14. No way ...........................
  15. Nope!!