I'm officially an H gal now!!

  1. So I FINALLY changed my avatar from my very first Balenciaga to my very first Hermes bag :wlae:

    Yep, there is no going back now....well...every now and then still :p
  2. sweet! love it!!!
  3. :dothewave: Woohoo!!!!
  4. Lovely!
  5. Liz, you've got to spill the details so we can admire accurately! Is it box calf? Plan to do any modeling?

  6. Liz, welcome to the world of orange. At least you're aware of the hazards . . . CONGRATULATIONS on your Kelly!!!!! But please do give us some more details and pictures; that's what we really hunger for, you know.
  7. Welcom Liz,

    You got to start off with Hermes on the right foot. You got the all time classy bag . . . the black sellier kelly. congrats
  8. I actually got my Kelly Black Box Calf Retourne/Souple 28cm back in January:

    But I always felt bad for modeling it so poorly when I first got her. I then played with the idea of selling her since I never got to take her out since I'm too busy and the weather is just too rainy out here.

    But it's been sunny on and off lately and I've been taking her out of her sleeper to dress her up in twillies and pochettes I've bought these past couple days. Also, my housemate did a photo shoot of me and the Kelly today and I loved how the Gold Harware matches the gold prints on my dress. It's the same dress Hayden Panettierre from Heroes wore but I have cuter shoes and handbags :p

    Kelly modeling a cute Bolduc twilly:
  9. aww yay you decided to keep her!! (this is my first post over in H ... you girls have been tempting me all week!) she looks so pretty with the twilly.
  10. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  11. Liz, as a relatively recent owner of Hermes myself and a longtime lover of the brand, I can honestly say there will be no way back now . . . but who'd want to leave this wonderful sub-forum anyhow?!
  12. Wonderful Liz, congratulations! That is a beautiful bag!
  13. Glad you decided to keep it! Enjoy..
  14. Lovely bag. Enjoy it, and use it in good health.
  15. She is a beauty. I happy that you decided to give her a second chance. Congrats..