I'm officially a crimefighter: Black Gustto Baca has landed!

  1. Well girls, I'm official. I missed delivery yesterday due to a long day at work, but this morning I woke up with kid-on-Christmas syndrome and rushed right over to the PO. Here are some pics and my initial impressions of my black Gustto Baca.

    When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that it came in a pretty black satin dustbag. Aww, how cute! My initial thought was that this bag really was lightweight (it didn't appear to me that way in pictures...). My first fondling was a pleasant surprise as well: nice smooshy soft leather. Not Balenciaga, not smooth Sienna, but a thick soft leather. I can tell this bag is gonna be a workhorse and will be in great condition for years!

    It's very generously sized, and I had no problem transferring all of my stuff from my Balenciaga City into it (umbrella, wallet, cell, iPod, cosmetic bag, sunglasses). How nice that I don't have to downsize my stockpile!

    The interior is a whole 'nother story. Bright yellow, logo print, thick nylon canvas. This is the truly the interior of champions. If I were a sporty girl who loved to roam around the forests and mountains, I would want my tents and backpacks made from yellow Gustto lining. It's a little hard on the eyes, but I knew that before I joined the Baca Brigade.

    The only thing I am a little confused about so far is how comfortable it will wear. I tend to have trouble with double-strapped shoulder bags staying put, and the Baca feels a little awkward when it's up there. Perhaps I need to work on my posture. It does look very cute when carried by hand or on the crook of my arm though!

    Overall, I'm really impressed with the lump-of-bread-dough that is otherwise known as the Gustto Baca. I hope you enjoy my pics!
    Baca Front.jpg Baca Front 2.jpg Baca with Flash.jpg Baca Model.jpg Baca Model 2.jpg
  2. **trumpets play in the background**


    its looks beautiful! :smile: im sorry it feels like it could slip off your shoulders, i must sat i havent experienced that i think my shoulders have a worn nook for purses to rest in haha :smile:

    but it really does look amazing!!!!! (may i ask since i havent really felt balenciagas in person only seen them and most look fake, what is the leather like softness wise compared? i know its not as think but just softness factor?!)

    Now you just have one more beautiful bag on its way to you ! :smile: YAY

    congrads on the baca!
  3. I'm not sure how to best describe the softness compared to Balenciaga, but I'll try this...

    If, on the scale of softness, Balenciaga is a 10... then Gustto Baca would be a 7.5 or so. It's nearly impossible for any leather to compete with Bal leather. However, considering the price difference I would still give Gustto an A+ because it is great leather for the price.

    Does that help?
  4. oh that does help thanks! :smile: i would love to feel a 10 if baca is a 7.5 it must be amazing

    but at the price tag i just cant do it id rather have 2 koobas or 2 gusttos or 2 botkiers then 1 bbag so i will imagine and look from a far! :smile: but thanks for the comparison i never knew!

    did u get it from lninos?
  5. Congrats!! The baca looks great on you; you wear it well! I am also a Balenciaga lover, but I think it's really hard to compare the leathers. They are two different creatures. But, for the price, Gustto leather is amazing!!
  6. Thanks Cathy! I can't wait to break it in a little, I can tell it's gonna get a lot squishier as it wears...

    Yes B, I did get it from lninos. It was a good transaction, though my only disappointment was that the bag I received wasn't the same one pictured. If you look at the bag on the auction versus the one I received you can see that the leather is much nicer and smoother on the front of the bag. The lining is also different on the bag I received (same yellow, but with Gustto logo print). I would buy from lninos again, but I would ask for pics beforehand so I knew what I would be getting. Overall though, I am still happy and gave positive feedback. The bag I received just isn't quite as beautiful as the one listed in the auction.
  7. My goodness... and I just have to mention that I love the big blingly O-Ring on the front!
  8. Oh, it looks so nice on you. I am using mine too right now. I'm very happy with it. I am pretty sure Lninos had more than one of these bags and just listed it once and though it would be okay to use the same auction twice. I would also rather they retake pics. I know it's easier but the difference it bag leather can be quite noticeable. Would you still have bought it had you seen the correct pics?
  9. aw bummer im sorry it wasnt the one you were expecting

    maybe you could ask for an exchange for the actual one pictured say you love it but really wanted the one shown which it clearly isnt cause the lining is different (the yellow only is older i think thats how mine looks, the yellow w/gustto all over it is newer)

    i mean it looks amazing but you want to be perfectly satisfied!!! :smile:

    ANd the bling ring rocks the socks off the bag!
  10. Yeah, probably. The leather on the bag I have looks nearly identical to the large black Baca pictured on Revolve, and I know the texture can vary a bit from bag to bag.

    I think hubby is taking me out for dinner tonight... maybe I'll get lucky and there will be some bad guys to shoo away. ;)
  11. Oh it's beautiful! I love how you look carrying it too. I hope I look a 10th as good as you. In fact, I was hoping mine would be here today...now I'll have to wait til Monday to see if that's my day. :crybaby:

    Enjoy your dinner out with Gustto and I hope it's crime free. :yes:
  12. Thanks Grace! Be sure to post pics when yours arrives! I definitely hope my evening out is free of villians, cause I'm kinda new to this whole superhero thing, and I wouldn't know where to change into my yellow suit! The bathroom? A phone booth? I haven't been to Bessie's for training yet... LOL
  13. Congrats! That's such a pretty bag!
  14. Steph, I was under the impression we were to wear the Yellow Superhero suits 24/7 so we can be ready. Is that not the case Bess?
    (Lexie sweating and needs a shower!:sweatdrop: )
  15. It looks great. I have been drooling over Gusstto bags all spring!