i'm offended....

  1. today my roommate (i am in college) came up to me and was like "oh my gosh i thought of you, i went to the bohemian trading company and they had soo many fake bags that you would love!!" (bohemian trading company is a used clothing store). she said that a woman from new york city brings them down and sells them to her and that "some are real and some are fake" and apparently they have coach, louis vuitton, chanel, dooney and bourke, kate spade....some of which are real and some are fake...i dont know. i am offended she thought i would be into this!! i went along with it...but i just wanted to share my story!!
  2. I suppose she meant well, but I bet a dollar they are all fake!
  3. I've had friends say stuff like this, too. Or they are carrying a fake bag and they are like, "Don't you love it!":yucky: I just play along, too. If anyone close to me ever said it I would put them in their place, but it's just not usually worth dealing with:shrugs:
  4. I'm the same way. A co-worker invited me to a handbag party where there would be lots of fake bags. I didn't want to be rude and say anything. I did have other plans so it worked out. She showed me a bag she got for free. It was nice looking, a fake coach. I just said it was really nice and that was it. Coworkers know I love bags and probably just assume I have fakes too. I wouldn't take it to heart.
  5. a woman from new york city? AHAHAHAHA i'm from nyc and i think i know excatly what your friend is talking about. they are ALL fake. i bet the woman is one of those people that stand on the streets where most tourists are and her job is to try to lure them into believing there really are $5 chanel's and $15 Lv's. most new yorkers think that tourists are gullible :shrugs:.
  6. It's annoying when someone assumes "a purse is a purse"! I would be offended too, but I think you handled it well.
  7. if youre so offended, why go along with it? passive agressiveness ftl...
  8. Of course they are fake...I think you might be offended because she thinks that you may have a lot of designer bags and some might be fake....

    If you feel that way you should let her know that you are offended and you don't purchase or support people getting fake bags.
  9. Yeah,dont take it personal...she is uniformed about fakes..
  10. I wouldn't really be offended , per se, but I would wonder why she assumed that anyone interested in a designer brand name would prefer to purchase a fake instead of the real deal? !!
  11. if my room mate would tell me that.. would've made a come back comment to her and tell her.. "oh yeah? wow! that's INSANE!!!.. but I don't really need those because all my bags are authentic. I have a reputation to keep." ;)
  12. I've learned so much from reading all your posts that I am getting pretty good at spotting a fake and glad that I was never into that. How embarassing. I was in the mall today carrying my ergo belted scarf bag, a woman looked at it and said that is a really nice bag..did you see the one that are in the kiosk over there they have some nice ones and preceded to show me her "Coach find". As she compared hers to mine she got this look on her face as she then saw that her CC's were in fact GG's for one and the other one looked more like OO's. I would much rather take time save and buy the real thing then have a bunch of knockoffs and bad ones at that.