I'm off to Singapore - LV Shopping tips?

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  1. I am flying to Singapore this weekend on business but have managed to sneak in half a day of free time to go shopping. Since LV is my only shopping obsession - what are the LV stores in Singapore like? Are there things there that I cannot get in the UK?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have always thought that the prices of LV items in Asia to be higher than the UK, but do report back! There are a number of members who live there... perhaps they can arrange to have something there waiting for you in advance?
  3. Hi! I am not a local but I have been based in Singapore for almost 6 years now. There are 4 boutiques in Singapore but 3 are within a 1-km range: LV Hilton, LV DFS and LV Ngee Ann City. I highly recommend the DFS boutique because the SA's are way much nicer than those at Ngee Ann City.

    I don't think there are any items which are exclusively issued in Singapore but if you have an item in mind, I can make a call to the boutique to check for its availability. :smile:

    Lastly, don't forget to claim the 7% tax (GST) before you leave Singapore.

    Happy shopping! :tup:
  4. Welcome to Singapore!

    LV Ngee Ann City is the biggest store. If you're only going one perhaps you can go there. But i have to agree with vanniety, the dfs boutique has a different experience. it's less crowded and i don't feel as 'rushed' to make my purchase.
  5. Thank you for your helpful tips. I was looking for the leopard print scarf in violet that is sold out everywhere - but maybe not Singapore?
  6. do you have a picture of it? maybe we (nice) Singaporeans can call up the store for you tomorrow. :smile:
  7. I've only been to sg a handful of times (< 10) but there is also a used LV store across the street from one of the retail stores in a small 3? floor mall. I locate it based on the number of banks and other stores catering to filipinos.