I'm off to Bicester today....

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  1. ...if anyone would like me to look for anything? Leaving in about 2 hrs...

  2. I'm jealous, have fun:smile:
  3. fuzzyfelt - Don't go out of your way to do this, but if you get a chance, could you pop into Carluccio's and ask them if they allow bookings for a largeish group of about 20 people for lunch? It would be for around 2pm time in a month's time today. If they do, then when I have numbers, I will call them and book it.
  4. Fuzzy, can you see if they have any small purses with silver h/w, black NVT business card holder, black wrinkled patent Ledbury and choc NVT E/W Bays? Thanks and have fun!
  5. have a lovely day x
  6. Jazzy, sure I will go in and ask for you! And I'll look for your items too KLP. And thanks Apple & Messy :smile:
  7. Can you see if they have a chocolate E-W Messenger (the huge men's bag)? thanks!!
  8. Have a good time! If you wouldn't mind having a look at the keyrings and bag charms I'd be grateful. Looking for something to go with Chocolate and Emerald Mabels!

    Many thanks :smile:
  9. Hi Fuzzy, I am so envious and wish it was nearer.

    I am currently on the look out for a black or oak purse like Lakrits. The one in the whats in my bag link. It has a zip compartment and a press stud fastening section for notes and cards. Its similar to the Oak printed zip purse but in the plain leather.

    Obviously they would have to be able to post it to me as well.

    Don't go out of your way though.;)
  10. Hi have a great day. If you get the chance can you look to see if the have any ostrich leathers? Enjoy!
  11. looks like you got a right shopping list on your hands, they had black patent ledburys there on thursday
  12. OK got all those written on my iphone notepad, I will have a look and try to post live list once I get there! :smile:
  13. You are so kind Fuzzy, hope you have a wonderful day shopping and enjoy for your self as well with all these requests.

    Bet you wish you had never asked now, lol.;)
  14. Have a great time :happydance:
  15. Purple ostrich Hayden Ginger hayd tote 2 pat blacled, choc rox, cerise bays blue hair stud bays White and purple patent mitzy, roug llp, pink bow bays, cerise angelina few styles, *cerise leather and purp croc suede Abigail, green daria tote, bottle green hair ostrich angelina tote, green suede ew bays, orange daria and Abigail clutches, *cerise olive emerald heart keyrings, emerald and grey croc suede bays, splodge pouch, pink alexa clutch, *oak zip purses small and med £105 & £122, same in black with gold hw, black wrinkled patent leds £315, black & choc rox £525,*
    Cobalt blue angelina tote, bottle green ostrich piccadilly, cerise ost daria hobo, oak printed ew bays

    That is my very hurried notes as it was rammed! They had black patent LEDs, oak zip purses and some ostrich plus keyrings. I will translate my short hand typing tonight if needed :smile: