I'm off to Bicester shortly...

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  1. ...anything you want me to keep an eye out for?

    I'll try to make a list of what they have and report back this afternoon :nuts:
  2. Have a lovely time fuzzy - wish I could come too. Don't tell me about any lovely bags please.
  3. Oh have a lovely time, looking forward to hearing the stock review and reveal!!!
  4. ..............please don't tempt me - no money left!

    Good luck with your own shopping.
  5. Reveal???? Moi????? Oh you're so cynical! :P
  6. Have a lovely time fuzzy - could you tell me what Ledbury's & Mabel's thay have.

    Many thanks.
  7. Thanks all ladies - I don't have money either, this is where the credit card is my evil friend! :greengrin:

    Ok I'm off now, have a nice day all and I'll report back later.
  8. An oak or choc east west please but know more likely to see a pig fly by!
    Have good time!
  9. Sorry i posted just as you were on your way out the door!
  10. Have fun!!
  11. Ooh Fuzzy, if you haven't already gone, can you check out small Antony bags. I'm looking for one with a front pocket. Would like either burgundy, chocolate or black, but wondering if darwin or NVT is better. Many thanks!
  12. Hope you have a great time hunny xxx
  13. Hey fuzzy are you back yet? Hope you had a good day, although I've a feeling the weather may not have been too kind in that part of the world today!:nogood:
  14. I hope you had a great day - the rain would have meant that it would have been better for you to stay in the shop longer rather than getting wet so I hope you were able to have a good look at everything.

    So what did you buy then?
  15. Hope you had a great time Fuzzy! were there any Joelle totes?