I'm off to Beverly Hills, then Hawaii

  1. Hi all! I'm leaving on a trip for about two weeks. I'll be visiting Hermes in Beverly Hills, CA and the two locations in Hawaii. I'll give you guys a heads-up if I see anything interesting.:graucho: Happy shopping while I'm away!:P
  2. I am off with you too...IN MY DREAMS!!!

  3. NIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! say hi to my H friends in Honolulu!
    I loved shopping there.

    Hermes Waikiki photo from street fair night. Fun!
  4. Have fun Kat! I'll be in LA next week too visiting the BH store too. Have a good time in Hawaii!
  5. :yahoo: Have a wonderful time!
  6. We;ll miss you! Have a blast!
  7. Hoping for happy shopping!
  8. Have fun Kat! Hope the days you are at BH, they bring out some Kellys and Birkins for you!
  9. I wish you a wonderful and safe trip! Have lots of fun!
  10. Thanks for the pic, Kitskats! I can't wait to get there!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks everyone for you well wishes! DH will have his laptop with him so if I see something interesting I'll post. Take care of yourselves while I'm away.
  12. Have a great time! And Happy Hermes Shopping Kat!!!
  13. have a safe trip! don't forget to feed us with LIVE UPDATES!!! :yes:
  14. Happy H hunting.
    What island are you going?
    Is it Oahu?
    Hop to bump into you at the store.
  15. Enjoy your trip, Kat! Bon voyage. :beach:
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